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Accepta 8001

Accepta 8001 is an surfactant.It is an excellent adjunct that is added to hypochlorite to significantly improve biofilm cleaning and removal properties. It also helps to enhance the biocidal efficacy of the hypochlorite cleaning programme.

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Accepta 8004

Accepta 8004 is a very versatile and effective liquid biocide based on 2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1,3-diol (bronopol).It is used for controlling bacterial growth in industrial process systems such as industrial process waters, re-circulating water cooling towers and evaporative condensers, oil production and transport, and pulp and paper production. It is also effective in preservation of adhesives, starch pigment and extender slurries, printing inks, fountain solutions, paints, latex and antifoam emulsion systems.

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Accepta 8008

Accepta 8008 is a high performance biocide developed specifically for cleaning ventilation equipment,ductwork and general air hygiene applications.

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Accepta 8010

Accepta 8010 is a highly effective bio-dispersant.It is designed to improve the performance of cooling water systems, where fouling by microbiological slimes is reducing efficiency, by removing and dispersing the deposits.It is also effective at controlling oil based fouling.It is effective in both re-circulating and once-through cooling water systems.

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Accepta 8205

Accepta 8205 is a superior quality biocide tablet developed to control slime forming bacteria and other biological growths in air conditioning systems, duct-work and condensate or drip pans.

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Acetaldoxime is used in oxygen Scavengers of boiler water,intermediateof medicine and pesticide.

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Aquapure ACP

Aquapure ACP is a highly charged organic/ inorganic aluminum coagulant widely used in waste water treatment.It works well on Zn and Cu treatments.

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Belclene 200

Belclene 200 has been developed as a calcium carbonate inhibitor in industrial water systems and other related applications.

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Belclene 201

Belclene 201,a clear amber liquid is a very effective scale and corrosion inhibitors.

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Belclene 283

Belclene 283 has been developed as a calcium carbonate inhibitor and a multifunctional formulation support agent in industrial water systems and other related applications.

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