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Belclene 400

Belclene 400 is a multifunctional scale control agent that provides great flexibility in developing phosphonate-based corrosion control formulations for cooling water, process water, and similar applications. Belclene 400 has unique properties of that allow it to be to be used not only for general calcium phosphate and calcium carbonate fouling, but also as a building block to improve the performance of phosphate, polyphosphate, phosphonate and zinc based water treatment formulations.

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Belclene 494

Belclene 494 is the new scale and corrosion inhibitor for use in open evaporative cooling systems. It combines the functionality of both polymer and phosphonate in one molecule to provide the carbonate and corrosion control properties associated with phosphonates as well as the phosphate and iron scale control normally associated with sulphonated copolymers.

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Belclene 500

Belclene 500 has been developed as a halogen-stable mild steel corrosion inhibitor, used in conjunction with zinc in industrial water systems.

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ChemSoft 350

ChemSoft 350 is Corrosion inhibitor and metal sequestrate used for treating municipal drinking water. It can greatly improve corrosion control in the presence of sulfates. Also, it stops metal (iron) staining of bathroom and kitchen fixtures.

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Chloramine-T is a N-chlorinated and N-deprotonated sulfonamide. It is used for disinfection and as an algicide, bactericide, germicide, for parasite control, and for drinking water disinfection.

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Cooltreat AL

Cooltreat AL is an organic liquid corrosion inhibitor with extended life for use in closed cooling water systems. This product offers protection for all commonly used materials in engine cooling water systems, including aluminium. Cooltreat AL does not contain components subject to rapid depletion i.e. Nitrite and Silicate. Based on aliphatic acid technology Cooltreat AL is stable and hence the test frequency can be reduced. Cooltreat AL is fully organic and biodegradable.

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DEODISIN-100 a strong oxidative deodorizer to arrest foul smell emanating from effluent, sludge etc. It can be effectively used by mixing with effluent and sprayed on to sludge bed to mask odour in the atmosphere surrounding ETP and also the far off places.

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DREWPLEX-505 is in the form of white needle-like crystal, easily soluble in water and insoluble in ethanol. DREWPLEX-505 is mainly used for anti scaling agent for boilers.

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DYSPERSE 131 inhibits the formation of scale.It has good activity against a broad range of pH and temperature.

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DYSPERSE 132 dispersant of scale industrial water treatment.

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