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Acumer 1850

Acumer 1850 is a low molecular weight polycarboxylate for general purpose scale inhibition within water systems.It is thermally very stable and is highly effective as a sludge dispersant and scale control polymer in boilers.

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Acumer 2000

Acumer 2000 is an excellent phosphate and zinc stabilizer and dispersant of inorganic particulates for anti-scale/anti-corrosion cooling water treatment formulations.

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Acumer 2100

Acumer 2100 is a copolymer that functions as a scale inhibitor and dispersant by combining strong acid (sulfonate) and weak acid (carboxylate) that provide optimal anti-scale/dispersant efficiency.

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Acumer 3100

Acumer 3100 is a superior phosphate and zinc stabilizer in stressed cooling water systems and an excellent iron and sludge dispersant in boilers.

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Acumer 4161

Acumer 4161 is a phosphinopolycarboxylic acid scale inhibitor and dispersant that has a unique balance of threshold inhibition and dispersancy, and is resistant to chlorine and compatible with most microbiological control agents.

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Acumer 4300

Acumer 4300 is a high performance scale inhibitor, specifically developed to prevent both calcium carbonate and calcium sulfate salt deposits in water systems. The unique feature of it is the improved overall performance for inhibiting these calcium scales over conventional polymaleic acids, acrylate polymers and phosphonates.

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Acumer 5000

Acumer 5000 is a superior scale inhibitor and dispersant for silica and magnesium silicate in recirculating cooling circuits and boilers.It prevent the formation of deposits on heat transfer surfaces.

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Alchlor 50C

Alchlor 50C is a clear solution widely used in water treatment.Active in antiperspirant formulations.

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Antifoam SD

Antifoam SD is a milky white general purpose foam control additive.It is designed specifically for the control of foaming problems in aqueous systems.

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Aquapure DF

Aquapure DF-P is a defoamer formulated for application as a tank side additive for metal working fluids, alkaline / acid based cleaners or wastewater treatment chemicals. AquapureDF-P is water miscible and will maintain defoaming persistence during machining operations. It will not haze or separate from the concentrate during storage. In process chemistry the Aquapure DF-P when used at the prescribed levels will not impair subsequent finishing operations such as painting or plating.

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