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PT AQUA 1421

PT AQUA 1421 pH Booster for Low and Medium Pressure Boiler.PT AQUA 1421 is useful for neutralizing any acid pick up as well as maintenance of correct pH and alkalinity in boiler water.

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PT AQUA 1448

PT AQUA 1448 Multi-Purpose Treatment Chemical for Low and Medium Pressure Boiler. PT AQUA 1403 provide corrosion protection by the formation of a protective passive film on the metal surfaces.This Multi-Purpose Treatment Chemical affords excellent corrosion protection. PT AQUA 1403 prevents deposition of hardness salts,ensures high mobility of phosphate sludge and good dispersion of suspended particulate matter.

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PT AQUA 1502

PT AQUA 1502 Sludge Conditioner for Low and Medium Pressure Boiler. PT AQUA 1502 is non-corrosive and clearly outperforms the conventional polymers.PT AQUA 1502 is ready and easy to use liquid.This product Retains higher levels of hardness in the water and thus holds blow-down to a minimum and keeps heat transfer surfaces clean and permits maximum heat exchange efficiency.PT AQUA 1502 shows excellent control of calcium phosphate sludge and iron fouling.It also ensures no priming, foaming, or carryover of salts in the steam.

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PT AQUA 1505

PT AQUA 1505 Multi-Purpose Treatment Chemical for Low Pressure Boiler.It contains good dispersion of suspended particulate matter. PT AQUA 1505 also contains powerful threshold inhibitor to prevent scale formation in feed water pipelines and boiler internals.PT AQUA 1505 affords excellent corrosion protection and prevents deposition of hardness salts. PT AQUA 1505 ensures high mobility of phosphate sludge.This product Can be dosed directly without dilution.

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PT AQUA 2015

PT AQUA 2015 High Molecular Fatty acids based Non Silicon Defoamer. This product can reduces the foam within 2 to 3 minutes and has the capacity of reducing the surface tension of waste water thereby adherence of bubble on the surface of water is reduced and entrapped air is released to open air or environment.

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PT AQUA 2024

PT AQUA 2024 Silicon Emulsion based cost effective Defoamer. Our product shows an excellent dispersion in aqueous Systems, high Temperature Stability and stable at wide pH range, chemically inert and non–toxic.

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PT AQUA 4001

PT AQUA 4001 is a colour Removal Coagulant-Liquid.This product is used in the water treatment industry for the coagulation of organic and mineral colloids prior to sedimentation and/or filtration. The aluminium destabilises fine colloidal suspensions and promotes the forming together of large conglomerations of this material bound in a chemical precipitate (called floc) which is able to be removed from the water by sedimentation, flotation and/or filtration.

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PT AQUA 4118

PT AQUA 4118 Polyamine based Cationic Coagulant.It has a good floc formation capacity. This product has an efficient removal of colloidal silica. PT AQUA 4118 having characteristics of improved clarity in filtrate, rapid settling, sizable reduction in organics, increased throughput.PT AQUA 4118 is also suitable for removal of Oil from water.

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PT AQUA 4119

PT AQUA 4119 Polydimethyl-Dislkelen-Ammonium Chloride / POLYDADMAC based Cationic Coagulant. It is adaptable to wide range of pH value.This product is no smells, tasteless and harmless. PT AQUA 4119 can be widely used to treat source water and sewage water. It is very effective in flocculating, decolouring, killing algae and removing organics. PT AQUA 4119 is harmless, no-flammable and non-explosive. Advantages of PT AQUA 4119 Big flocs, rapid precipitation and low turbidity residue with less sludge volume.

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PT AQUA 4326

PT AQUA 4326 Polyacrylamide based Anionic High Molecular Weight non toxic flocculant. PT AQUA 4326 good floc formation & rapid settling.This product is suitable for efficient removal of colloidal silica,improved clarity in filtrate, sizeable reduction in organics.PT AQUA 4326 is an easy to prepare solution, effective at low dosages and completely miscible with water.

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