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Hydrex 5402

Hydrex 5402 is a liquid alkalinity builder based on sodium hydroxide and is especially formulated for use in boiler plant where the feedwater contains insufficient alkalinity.It may be safely used in treatment programs incorporating catalysed sodium sulphite oxygen scavenger.

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Hydrex 6920

Hydrex 6920 is a potable water grade high molecular weight liquid polyacrylamide with wide ranging application.It is widely used in waste water treatment.

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Hydrex 6921

Hydrex 6921 is a potable water grade flocculant with wide ranging uses in waste water treatment.

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Hydrex 6922

Hydrex 6922 is designed for the rapid removal of suspended solids and oils from industrial effluent and waste water.Hydrex 6922 is effective over a wide pH range.

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Hydrex 6924

Hydrex 6924 is a liquid product based upon a polymeric aluminium compound and is designed for use as a flocculant in water, including potable water.

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Hydrex 6928

Hydrex 6928 is a specially selected cationic polymer solution designed for removal of suspended solids from water.Hydrex 6928 solutions should be added at a point of high turbulence to provide adequate mixing.

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Kemlube-122 is solvent base rust preventive fluid having excellent water displacing properties for short term protection period. It is specially recommended after the pickling operation.

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Maxpol 5000 is a maleic homo-polymer used for various water treatment and industrial applications. It is highly effective as Dispersant and Scale Inhibitor in Industrial Water Treatment and Cooling Water Treatment as well as in all types of water based formulations. Maxpol-5000 being a low molecular weight polymer has good anti-gelling capacity and so has best calcium trapping ability working over wide range of pH, high hardness and temperature without precipitation.

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NEWCARB 100 is composed mainly of the sodium salt of diethyl dithiocarbamate.It is used for metallurgical Industry,electroplating,photographic laboratories.

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NEWCARB 200 is composed of sodium salt of ethylene bis dithiocarbamate.It has a chelating action, combining with a range of metals which makes them excellent biocidal agents sequestrants.

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