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ALTICORR 2101 is a proprietary blend of long chain phosphates.It provides effective scale and corrosion control up to temperatures of 100oC (212oF).


AQUAGUARD 301 is an oxygen scavengers to prevent the formation of corrosion products in steam boiler systems. It is based on catalyzed sulphite technology to ensure the fastest reaction possible and the minimum allowable catalyzed sulphite oxygen scavenger in an easy to use liquid form. It has been designed specifically to remove dissolved oxygen boiler feed water to prevent corrosion. The products are catalyzed which typically works 5 to 10 times faster than uncatalyzed sulphite. The catalyzed sulphite increase the rate of oxygen removal and is recommended where ever the residence time in the condensate return tank is short.

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AQUAGUARD 505 have been specifically developed to tackle challenges and keep recirculating cooling system operating efficiently and effectively. It prevent scale, corrosion and microbial issues due to increases in temperature, residence time and dissolved solids. It is formulated with a complex blend of polymers, dispersants, phosphonates, corrosion inhibitors and alkalinity controllers. This blend helps prevent the corrosion of steel, galvanized metals, yellow metals such as copper or brass and their alloys while also effectively controlling scale by dispersing any suspended solids and preventing deposition.

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AQUAGUARD 600 is a fast acting, effective broad spectrum biocide that can be used at low levels to control algae, bacteria, fungi and viruses. It is a cationic, surface active biocide which damages the cell membrane by penetrating the outer cell wall. This disrupts the cell wall integrity, causing the membrane to leak resulting in cell death. Its affinity for organic (cells) and inorganic surfaces such as pipe walls as well as its detergent properties also make it effective for preventing and eliminating biofilm. It exhibits a high degree of stability, is unaffected by pH and elevated temperatures, and delivers a potent long lasting biocidal effect in hard water and organic soil loads.

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AQUAGUARD 604 can be used to quickly eliminate microbial contamination as it is an extremely rapid and effective broad spectrum biocide. It rapidly controls microbial growth within 30 minutes of treatment when used as directed whereas other slower acting biocides commonly take 10 to 12 hours to attain the same result. In addition, AQUAGUARD 604 quickly decomposes in aqueous environments resulting in an effective and environmentally friendly biocide treatment. It is non-oxidizing and formaldehyde-free and is used as a biocide in a variety of processes to control algae, bacteria and bacterial slimes, fungi and yeasts.

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AQUAZEEL 1323 is a defoamer for boilers.

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AQUAZEEL 6121 is a Biocide for Membrane System.

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AQUAZEEL-PHBA is an alkalinity builder for boilers.

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AQUAZEEL-PHBC is a caustic base alkalinity builder for boilers.

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Alticorr 2102

Alticorr 2102 is a proprietary blend of polyphosphates and orthophosphates.It provides effective scale and corrosion control up to temperatures of 100oC.

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