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Dequest 2016D

Dequest 2016D is noted for its excellent CaCO3 scale inhibition. It's a powder which is ideal for post-mixing in solid grade formulations and tablets. Dequest 2016D is approved for use where boiler steam contacts with food. It is used in cooling water treatment, boiler water treatment, swimming pool stain prevention, household and Industrial and Institutional cleaners, detergents and metal ion control.

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Dequest 2060S

Dequest 2060S is a general purpose scale inhibitor, powerful sequestrant and excellent barium sulphate scale inhibitor. It is used in cooling water treatment, peroxide bleach stabilization and scale control in detergent formulations, Industrial & Institutional Cleaners, Geothermal water treatment, oil field scale control.

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Genesys LF 60

Genesys LF 60 has been developed as a broad spectrum antiscalant for use in brackish water Reverse Osmosis and Nano-Filtration systems. It is highly effective at preventing the formation of inorganic scale thereby reducing the frequency of membrane cleaning and replacement. Genesys LF 60 allows systems to be designed and operated at their optimum recovery, rates, reducing the amount of feed water used and concentrate to be discharged.Genesys LF 60 should be dosed continuously to the feed water upstream of the cartridge filter. Typical dosage rates are 4-8mg/L. Genesys LF 60 is an aqueous solution of neutralized phosphoric acid the has been classified as safe to use potable water r applications. Genesys LF 60 is compatible with carbon steel and all commonly used materials of construction.

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Hydrex® 1323

Hydrex® 1323 is a liquid product based on sulphite which reacts with oxygen in water to produce sulphate, thereby removing the oxygen and controlling corrosion in the boiler, feed and condensate systems.

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Hydrex® 4109

Hydrex® 4109 is a liquid formulation based upon a blend of phosphonates, which are extremely effectivein preventing scale formation on Reverse Osmosis membranes.It is non-toxic liquid suitable for automatic dosing and use in potable water treatment.Very Effective against a wide range of scales and fouling.

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Hydrex® 4706

Hydrex® 4706 is a liquid product.It is a product designed for dilution with sodium hydroxide for use in the removal oforganic foulants and silica deposits from polypropylene membranes.The formulation contains wetting agents and other compounds to enhance the activity as a cleaning agent.

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Hydrex® 6341

Hydrex® 6341 is a powdered product based upon a co-polymer of quaternary acrylate and acrylamide.It is designed for use in water and wastewater for the removal of suspended solids.

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Hydrex® 6925

Hydrex® 6925 is a product that is specially formulated for clarification of water and wastewater.The product is based upon a polymeric aluminium compound blended with a selected cationic resin.

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Hydrex® 6926

Hydrex® 6926 is based upon a co-polymer of quaternary acrylate and acrylamide and is designed for use in clarification of water and wastewater.

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Hydrex® 6927

Hydrex® 6927 may be added to water in a well agitated tank either manually or by means of a suitable metering pump.An ageing time of 30 minutes should be allowed before the solution is ready for use. For application to the system the initial solution should be further diluted with water to 0.1 - 0.2% for optimum results.This may be carried out by in-line addition of water if sufficient bends in the pipework exist to promote positive mixing, or if a static inline mixer is installed.

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