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PT AQUA 21040

PT AQUA 21040 is a carboxylate/ sulfonate based antiscalant. PT AQUA 21040 is an excellent stabilizer for corrosion inhibitors such as phosphate, phosphonates and zinc.This product maintain Excellent Heat transfer by its super dispersant polymer.PT AQUA 21040 control Film formation and Organic Corrosion Inhibitors.

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PT AQUA 31001

PT AQUA 31001 is a non ionioc Ter Polymer based scale & corrosion inhibitor.It is suited for high Iron & high TSS.PT AQUA 31001 help corrosion inhibition by controlling film formation of the organic corrosion inhibitors on metal surfaces.Our product will enhance the dispersancy by providing steric repulsion between particles.PT AQUA 31001 has a out standing dispersion for hydrarted iron oxide hydroxy apatite and calcium carbonate.Also excellent stabilizer for corrosion inhibitor such as phosphate, phosphonate and zinc.

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ProScale 8303

ProScale 8303 is a non ionic surfactant based Scale Softener.This product affords Excellent corrosion Protection and improves the cleaning power of boilout solutions. ProScale 8303 reduce the quantity of caustic or acid addition and the need of Manual cleaning.

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ProTech 14291

ProTech 14291 acrylic/maliec Copolymer based antiscalant.It is also a good dispersant against Carbonate and scale inhibition for phosphate. ProTech 14291 has good Thermal Stability.This product provided to customers in 30/50/225 kg HDPE barrels.

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Rub Flock 210

Rub Flock 210 is mainly used for color removal treatment as a Decoloring agent for high-colority waste water from dyestuffs plants.It is suitable to treat waste water with activated, acidic and disperse dyestuffs.

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Rub Flock 220

Rub Flock 220 is very effective in flocculating, decolouring, killing algae and removing organics.It is use in latex waste clarification , oil-water seperation, iron congulation.

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Rub Flock 300

Rub Flock 300 is effective medium molecular weight cationic polymer. It is specially designed for faster solid liquid separation in clarification, thickening and dewatering. They work on charge neutralization mechanism by their cationicity in acidic to neutral medium pH. They neutralize resulting in destabilization of the particle surface and produce faster and compact settling flocks, which are easy to separate from suspension.

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SPEC HIB QC-1 is a neutral, liquid preventative against scaling in seawater evaporators. It prevents scale formation at temperatures up to 160°C and is environmentally safe with approval for use when distilling to potable water tanks. SPEC HIB QC-1 is specially designed to reduce foaming and maintain optimum plant performance. SPEC HIB QC-1 is odorless and non-flammable contains no volatile components and remains fully effective up to 60°C. It will not corrode stainless steel, copper alloys, carbon steel, glass, rubber, plastics, painted surfaces, aluminum and aluminum alloys.

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SPEC HIB QC-2 is a nitrite, borate and polymer based corrosion inhibitor with a suitable buffer to ensure stable pH conditions. It provides effective inhibition of ferrous and non-ferrous metals while preventing scale and sludge build up. It is ideal for slow, medium and high-speed engines and is safe to use when cooling water is the heat source for potable water systems. SPEC HIB QC-2 diesel cooling water corrosion and scale inhibitor in liquid form is also suitable for all closed circuit systems. SPEC HIB QC-2 does not encourage bacteria in the system and has the approval of major diesel engine manufacturers.

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