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SPEC HIB QC-3 is an advanced organic boiler water treatment to control pH corrosion, scale and sludge. Its’ neutralized organic acids remove nominal oxygen presence and inhibit corrosion from the boiler from forming an organic iron compound. SPEC HIB QC-3's blend of advanced polymers stops the formation of scale and maintains clean surfaces in the boiler.

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SPEC HIB QC-4 is an environmentally safe, non-toxic oxygen scavenger based on neutralized organic acids and a blend of volatile/neutralizing amines. SPEC HIB QC-4 controls corrosion throughout the condensate system normally used only in conjunction with SPEC HIB QC-3 as part of the SPEC HIB Program. SPEC HIB QC-4 protects copper-based metals and is highly effective under all operating conditions and protects boiler surfaces by forming an iron tannate film. SPEC HIB QC-4 removes oxygen efficiently in open feed systems giving effective corrosion inhibition of boiler/exhaust gas economizer system surfaces by converting Fe2O3 (rust) to an organic iron compound. SPEC HIB QC-4's filming properties also reduce corrosion on shut down lines when moisture and oxygen are present.

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Sulfuric Acid

Daishin Corporation is the leading company known for supplying Sulfuric Acid to the clients. Sulfuric acid is commonly used in textile, paper, fertilizers, and metallurgy. This product has the chemical formula H2SO4 and it is formulated using optimum quality chemical compounds and pioneering techniques. Buy Sulfuric Acid online from Daishin Corporation to get the chemical at the best quality and reasonable price.

Sulfuric acid

Sulfuric acid is a strong mineral acid. It has many applications, and is one of the top products of the chemical industry. Principal uses include lead-acid batteries for cars and other vehicles, ore processing, fertilizer manufacturing, oil refining, wastewater processing, and chemical synthesis.

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Swemcare 6330

Swemcare 6330 is a broad spectrum, non-oxidizing micro-biocide for industrial open recirculating systems. It is designed to provide excellent control of microbiological growth and associated deposists. Swemcare 6330 is particularly well suited for use in installation with high levels of process contamonation, such as ammonia plants, refineries and chemical plants.

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Swemcare 6341

Swemcare 6341 a broad spectrum non-oxidizing micro-biocide for industrial open recirculating systems. Swemcare 6341 is designed to provide excellent control of microbiological growth and associated deposits. Swemcare 6341 is particularly well suited for use in installations with high level of process cintamination, such as ammonia plants,refineries and chemical plants.

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Swemcare 6466

Swemcare 6466 is thermally and hydrolytically stable synergistic blend of organic phosphate, polymer and inorganic salts enabling it to function as both scale inhibitor and corrosion inhibitor over a wide range of pH and temperatures.

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Swemcare 6664

Swemcare 6664 is a multifunctional product designed to help maintain clean heat transfer surface in industrial cooling water system. Swemcare 6664 unique blend is formulated inhibit both yellow metal corrosion and the formation of mineral scales and provide dispersancy for mud,slit, and other suspended solids.

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Swemcare 6665

Swemcare 6665 is a catholic and anodic corrosion inhibitor designed for use in open recalculating cooling tower systems. Swemcare 6665 is designed to be used in alkaline pH water environments when used with a stabilizing polymer.

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Swemcare 6726

Swemcare 6726 is a nitrite-based corrosion inhibitor specially designed for used in closed recirculating cooling water systems under high heat transfer conditions. Swemcare 6726 provide effective corrosion protection for steel and most other metals in continuous steel casting mold cooling and other high heat transfer service systems.

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