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ALCOSPERSE 175 is a pale amber liquid low molecular weight polycarboxylate. ALCOSPERSE 175 is suggested for use in laundry detergents for incrustation inhibition.

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Accofloc N 100

Accofloc N 100 is a dry PAM non-ionic flocculant that work effectively as coagulant aids or sludge conditioning agents in solid-liquid separation processes in a wide variety of industries. is suitable for treatment of waste water in paper & pulp, mining & metal smelting, iron & steel works etc. It has been particularly very effective as lubicating agent in fabric processing. It works best in strong to medium acidic pH.

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Alcosperse 167

Alcosperse 167 is an general purpose dispersant and antiscalant.

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AquaTreat 9310

AquaTreat 9310 is a specially formulated product for use in steam raising plant. It is most suitable for large installation. AquaTreat-9310 provides rapid oxygen scavenging to minimize corrosion. It is normally dosed so as to maintain 30-70 mg/l sulphite reserves in the boiler water.AquaTreat-9310 will absorb oxygen from the atmosphere and therefore no more than one day supply should be available in an open dilution tank.

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AquaTreat 9450

AquaTreat 9450 is based on catalyzed sulphite, anti-precipitants, sludge conditioners, alkalinity builder and an organic multifunctional tannin based product. AquaTreat 9450 combines the functions of rapid oxygen scavenging, deposition control and alkalinity control in a single, stable product. AquaTreat 9450 should be dosed continuously into the feed.

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AquaTreat-8331 is a broad-spectrum non-oxidizing biocide for use in industrial cooling water systems. AquaTreat-8331 is based on quaternary ammonium compounds and is biodegradable at use levels. AquaTreat-8331 exhibits excellent control over a wide range of pH.AquaTreat-8331 can be directly fed from the container into the basin of the cooling water system or at any other point where good mixing can be ensured.In cooling water systems, AquaTreat-3331 is slowly hydrolyzed to non-toxic products.AquaTreat-8331 is packed in 50 litres HDPE carbouys/200 litres HDPE drums.

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AquaTreat-8540 is a unique blend of non-metallic and all organic inhibitors for the control of corrosion, scaling and fouling in open re-circulatory cooling water systems. The product contains organic scale and corrosion inhibitors blended with polyanionic dispersants. AquaTreat-8540 should be fed continuously to ensure that the recommended level of residual is maintained at all times.

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AquaTreat-9002 is an alkalinity builder. It also contains organic dispersants and antifoam. AquaTreat-9002 is used for imparting alkalinity to boiler water or for correcting the pH of low alkalinity waters. AquaTreat-9002 is applied to maintain the boiler water alkalinity within limits to be established by WEX, to suit the operating conditions. AquaTreat-9002 may be injected using a dosage pump, dosage pot or directly into the feed tank (whichever is appropriate to the particular plant). AquaTreat-9002 Reduces acid corrosion, Stabilizes protective films, Provides alkalinity control, Reduces foaming.

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AquaTreat-9065 is a specially designed dispersant for the prevention of scaling in boilers and in boiler feed lines. It causes calcium and magnesium hardness salts to form a light, mobile floc, easily removed by blow down. AquaTreat-9065 is normally used with asn oxygen scavenger and a phosphate. AquaTreat-9065 is normally maintained at concentrations between 100 and 500 mg/l, in the boiler water. AquaTreat-9065 is not corrosive to steel mixing tanks or dosage pumps, in concentrated or dilute form.

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Aquacid 1054EX

Aquacid 1054EX is an organophosphonate with multifunctional properties like sequestration, deflocculation, threshold inhibition and hydrolytic stability, as a single active ingredient. Aquacid 1054EX is an excellent inhibitor of CaCO3 and CaSO4 precipitation and chelation of transition metals like Fe, Mn, Ni, Co, Cr etc. Aquacid 1054EX is recommended to use in detergent formulations, cooling water and boiler water formulations, sugar mill anti-scalants, textile auxiliary formulations and many other applications where scale / incrustation control and heavy metal chelation are desired.

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