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PT AQUA 7065

PT AQUA 7065 Poly Carboxylic acid based RO Antiscalant for high Level of Sulphate.It is highly effective Calcium sulphate inhibitor,effective against iron and calcium carbonate.PT AQUA 7065 compatible with all membrane types, cost-effective treatment for all brackish and water systems,Liquid product, easy to handle.

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PT AQUA 7066

PT AQUA 7066 is a liquid product,Poly Carboxylic acid based RO Antiscalant for high level of silica containing water.It is effective against iron and calcium carbonate and compatible with all membrane types.PT AQUA 7066 is cost-effective treatment for all brackish and water systems and easy to handle.

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PT AQUA 7613

PT AQUA 7613 Polyacrylic acid and Phosphonates based RO Antiscalant. This product compatible with all membrane types and effective over a wide pH range. PT AQUA 7613 helps in crystal modification distorts inorganic salt crystal growth and reduces system fouling.This product can achieve threshold scale inhibition at low dose rates offers excellent economical running costs.

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PT AQUA 8204

PT AQUA 8204 is a cleaning chemical for Thin Film Composite Membranes and Filters.This product compatible with thin film composite membranes.PT AQUA 8204 gives superior results in the removal of organic & colloidal foulants,especially when compared to generic formulations.PT AQUA 8204 contains a specialized blend of buffers & other ingredients to dissolve organic foulants, & disperse colloidal particles.Our product highly buffered to resist pH changes during the cleaning process.

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PT AQUA 8205

PT AQUA 8205 Anionic Surfactant based Membrane Cleaner and Filters.Our product suitable for use with polyamide thin film composite and cellulose acetate membranes. PT AQUA 8205 applied for an effective removal of organic matter.PT AQUA 8205 is a high level of active substance and liquid product, easy to handle and simple to apply.

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PT AQUA 8306

PT AQUA 8306 is an alkyl Benzene Sulphonic acid based Membrane Cleaner.It can be diluted and is fully miscible with water in all proportions. The low dose rate of PT Aqua 8306 ensures cost effective use and it is an excellent adjunct when used in combination with other PT Aqua membrane cleaners. PT AQUA 8306 is indicated for removal of severe Organic Foulants.

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SPEC HIB SWT is specially designed to effectively stop the development of bacteria, microorganisms, shell embryo, and plant life commonly found in seawater. SPEC HIB SWT disperses marine growth and reduces corrosion in seawater cooling systems, tanks and sea water systems.

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Swemcare INL

Swemcare INL solutions should be made up with chlorine free water to give a 3- 4% in proportion to total volume of the cleaning system (Including the volume of the pressure vessel and pipe lines) Circulate the prepared solution at the following flow rate or as recommended by the membrane manufacturer depending on the membrane size for at least for 1hr.

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