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RUSTOKEM-D2 is sulphanic acid based Inhibited Acidic Powder with inhibitor is used for removal of water scale deposit in heat transfer equipments. RUSTOKEM-D2 gives uniform & total protection,does not stain metal surfaces and completely miscible with water and acids.

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Refined Glycerine Technical 99.7%

Versatile Bangladesh is a Chemical Import and Export Industry. In 2012 the company has restructure the company segregate with two concern  one Versatile Bangladesh involve in import of basic industrial commodities and another company Alisha International for import- export of consumer product.

Versatile Bangladesh is not only a Importer and supplier company; we are also seeking to do a total solution provider with international sourcing of industrial commodities. Quality assurance and supply chain management with professional technical support. We specialize in importing of all kinds of Textile & Leather Chemicals and Dyes.


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Rub Flock 210

Rub Flock 210 is mainly used for color removal treatment as a Decoloring agent for high-colority waste water from dyestuffs plants.It is suitable to treat waste water with activated, acidic and disperse dyestuffs.

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Rub Flock 220

Rub Flock 220 is very effective in flocculating, decolouring, killing algae and removing organics.It is use in latex waste clarification , oil-water seperation, iron congulation.

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Rub Flock 300

Rub Flock 300 is effective medium molecular weight cationic polymer. It is specially designed for faster solid liquid separation in clarification, thickening and dewatering. They work on charge neutralization mechanism by their cationicity in acidic to neutral medium pH. They neutralize resulting in destabilization of the particle surface and produce faster and compact settling flocks, which are easy to separate from suspension.

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Rungquester-RSK is a highly effective and versatile complexing agent for all water systems where precipitations can occur due to high water hardness or high thermic conditions.

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