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Hydrex® 4109

Hydrex® 4109 is a liquid formulation based upon a blend of phosphonates, which are extremely effectivein preventing scale formation on Reverse Osmosis membranes.It is non-toxic liquid suitable for automatic dosing and use in potable water treatment.Very Effective against a wide range of scales and fouling.

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Hydrex® 4706

Hydrex® 4706 is a liquid product.It is a product designed for dilution with sodium hydroxide for use in the removal oforganic foulants and silica deposits from polypropylene membranes.The formulation contains wetting agents and other compounds to enhance the activity as a cleaning agent.

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Hydrex® 6341

Hydrex® 6341 is a powdered product based upon a co-polymer of quaternary acrylate and acrylamide.It is designed for use in water and wastewater for the removal of suspended solids.

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Hydrex® 6925

Hydrex® 6925 is a product that is specially formulated for clarification of water and wastewater.The product is based upon a polymeric aluminium compound blended with a selected cationic resin.

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Hydrex® 6926

Hydrex® 6926 is based upon a co-polymer of quaternary acrylate and acrylamide and is designed for use in clarification of water and wastewater.

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Hydrex® 6927

Hydrex® 6927 may be added to water in a well agitated tank either manually or by means of a suitable metering pump.An ageing time of 30 minutes should be allowed before the solution is ready for use. For application to the system the initial solution should be further diluted with water to 0.1 - 0.2% for optimum results.This may be carried out by in-line addition of water if sufficient bends in the pipework exist to promote positive mixing, or if a static inline mixer is installed.

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Maxi-Vap Plus

Maxi-Vap Plus is a concentrated solution of an organic poly-electrolytes specifically developed for the control of scale deposition in sea water evaporators. It is miscible with water in all proportions. It educes downtime and maintenance costs,improves distillate quality by controlling foaming and carry over.

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Maxpol - 4500

Maxpol - 4500 is an acrylic-acrylamide-amps ter-polymer used for various water treatment and industrial applications. It is highly effective as Dispersant and Scale Inhibitor in Industrial Water Treatment and Cooling Water Treatment as well as in all types of water based formulations. Maxpol - 4500 being a low molecular weight polymer has good anti-gelling capacity and so has best calcium trapping ability working over wide range of pH, high hardness and temperature without precipitation. It is well known that higher the negative charge imparted on the particles, stronger the repulsive force between the charged particles and hence better dispersant. It is suggested that the substitution of Carboxylic group with stronger acidic and bulkier groups like sulfonic acid in Acrylic Acid polymer markedly improves the dispersant power of the polymer. Maxpol - 4500 is very widely used in industrial water treatment as dispersant and scale inhibitor. It inhibits build up of scale by solubility enhancement, crystal growth modification and the dispersion property of the low molecular weight polymer structure. Maxpol - 4500 is non-flammable, non-combustible. It should be stored under shade.

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Maxtreat 7700

Maxtreat 7700 a specially formulated liquid inhibitor designedto prevent corrosion in cooling water supply systems when added at very low dosages to supply water.

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Maxtreat-3311 is a organic corrosion inhibitor for feed water & condensate corrosion.

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