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Meca Flock-25

Meca Flock-25 is a high molecular weightflocculant of polyacrylamide type. It is usedas clarification and filtration agent of riverwater, waste water and industrial water. It has wide application in process treatment of mining, metal & ceramics. Meca Flock-25 shows good flocculation effects with a very little dosage.

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Memkleen 4020

Memkleen 4020 has been developed as a general purpose membrane cleaner. It is effective against most organic foulants typically found in reverse osmosis systems.Memkleen 4020 is effective against aluminium based foulants.

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OB Col AC-205

OB Col AC-205 is designed to for use in boilers operating at less than 300 psig, on high hardness feed-water.The higher solids levels can be safely maintained in the boiler because it turns the mineral hardness into non-scale forming carbonates, which can then be removed during the blowdown cycle of boiler operations.

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OB Col CP-345

OB Col CP-345 maintains the solubility of mineral salts so that they will not form scale on the internal boiler surfaces.

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OB Col OP-241

OB Col OP-241 prevents scale formation by metal ions and hardness salts in the feed-water by keeping them in a fluidized state and thus widely used in water treatment.

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OB Floc PAS-1

OB Floc PAS-1 is useful as a coagulant/flocculant in both water and waste water treatment.It is used to replace either Alum Salts, Ultraion™ from Nalco or other PAS's.

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OB No Foam 24

OB No Foam 24 is a hydrocarbon liquid blend of surface active agents which work to control foam over a broad pH range of industrial processes.It will prevent foam from forming or where already present, will defoam large accumulations of existing foam.

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Optidose 1000

Optidose 1000 is traceable scale inhibitor for calcium carbonate in cooling circuits

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Optidose 2000

Optidose 2000 is a traceable scale inhibitor for phosphates and zinc and dispersant in cooling circuits.

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Optidose 3100

Optidose 3100 is a traceable scale inhibitor and dispersant.

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