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Bromine Chloride

Bromine chloride, is an interhalogen inorganic compound. It is used in analytical chemistry in determining low levels of mercury, to quantitatively oxidize mercury in the sample to Hg(II) state. Bromine chloride is used as a biocide, specifically as an algaecide, fungicide, and disinfectant, in industrial recirculating cooling water systems. Addition of bromine monochloride is used in some types of Li-SO2 batteries to increase voltage and energy density.

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Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine dioxide is a chemical compound. As one of several oxides of chlorine, it is a potent and useful oxidizing agent used in water treatment and in bleaching. It is used in the electronics industry to clean circuit boards, in the oil industry to treat sulfides and to bleach textile and candles. Nowadays chlorine dioxide is used most often to bleach paper. It produces a clearer and stronger fiber than chlorine does. Chlorine dioxide has the advantage that it produces less harmful byproducts than chlorine. It can be used as oxidizer or disinfectant. It is a very strong oxidizer and it effectively kills pathogenic microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria and viruses. It also prevents and removes bio film. As a disinfectant and pesticide it is mainly used in liquid form. It can also be used against anthrax, because it is effective against spore-forming bacteria. Chlorine dioxide gas is used to sterilize medical and laboratory equipment, surfaces, rooms and tools.

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Iron(II) sulfate

Ferrous sulfate is mainly used as a precursor to other iron compounds. It is a reducing agent, mostly for the reduction of chromate in cement.It used in the manufacture of inks and also has been applied for the purification of water by flocculation and for phosphate removal in municipal and industrial sewage treatment plants to prevent eutrophication of surface water bodies

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Maxtreat-3223 SR

Maxtreat-3223 SR is used for internal treatment of boiler using moderately soft water.

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OB Floc AD-608XX

OB Floc AD-608XX are used in a broad range of solid-liquid separation processes for settling, thickening and dewatering. It can be used alone or in conjunction with inorganic coagulants, polyamines or polydadmacs.

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OB No Foam SC-10

OB No Foam SC-10 is a silicone liquid blend of surface active agents which work to control foam over a broad pH range of industrial processes.It will prevent foam from forming or where already present, will deform large accumulations of existing foam.

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Oxygen Scavenger

Oxygen Scavengers have been specifically developed to be used across a range of process and industrial boiler treatment applications. The superior quality oxygen scavenger products focus on improving the operational efficiency of steam boilers, industrial boilers and process systems by offering ready made solutions to the problems caused as a result of oxygen associated corrosion.

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PRAESTOL 2500 TR used in potable water treatment.It is a crylamide based non-ionic polyelectrolytes.

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PRAESTOL 2540 TR is used in highly diluted aqueous solutions.Its effect depends mainly on the exchange of electric charges between those on the reactive groups of the polymer chain and electrically charged centres on the surface charges of the suspended solid particles.

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PRAESTOL K 111 L is used primarily for dewatering of municipal and industrial sewage sludges.

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