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Aquatreat BW75

Aquatreat BW75 is liquid blend of tannin, polymers and alkalinity builder. All ingredients approved under US FDA.

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Aquatreat BW95

Aquatreat BW95 Emulsion filming amine for the protection of condensate lines.

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Aquatreat S460

Aquatreat S460 is a scale and corrosion inhibitor for cooling systems operating on moderate to high hard, alkaline water.

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BC Antifoam E6

BC Antifoam E6 is a blend of synthetic waxes and non-ionic surfactants in a highly refined mineral oil.

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Carbohydrazide is used as an oxygen scavenger in water treatment for boilers. It is an alternative to the hazardous and potentially carcinogenic hydrazine. Carbohydrazide reacts with oxygen to make water and nitrogen and urea. It also passivates metals and reduces metal oxides. It is widely used in the production of drugs, herbicides,rubber, plant growth regulators, and dyestuffs.

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Copper Sulfate

Copper sulfate is the sulphonation of copper. It can be made by the action of sulfuric acid on a copper(II) compounds.It may also be prepared by electrolyzing sulfuric acid, using copper electrodes,by electrolysis of Epsom salt solution at moderate voltage with a copper anode.It is generally used as insecticide in agriculture and wood industry.Copper sulfate is also used to treat leather, to make germicides, and in electroplating processes.

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Dequest 2000LC

Dequest 2000LC is the low chloride grade of Dequest 2000, a cost-effective chelant based on amino tri methylene phosphonic acid. It is recommended for the stabilization of peroxide solutions, cooling water treatment, boiler treatment, I & I Cleaners.

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Dequest 2010CS

Dequest 2010CS, noted for excellent CaCO3 scale inhibition and chlorine stability is a liquid based on hydroxyl ethylidene (1,1-diphosphonic acid) and is approved for applications in which boiler steam comes in contact with foods. Dequest 2010CS is only available in Japan. Dequest 2010CS approved in boiler steam contacts with food. Cooling water treatment, boiler treatment, I & I Cleaners, swimming pool, stain prevention, metal ion control.

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Etidronic Acid

Etidronic acid is a bisphosphonate used in detergents, water treatment, cosmetics and pharmaceutical treatment. An etidronate is a salt of etidronic acid. It is a chelating agent and may be added to bind or, to some extent, counter the effects of substances, such as calcium, iron or other metal ions, which may be discharged as a component of grey wastewater and could conceivably contaminate groundwater supplies. As a phosphonate it has corrosion inhibiting properties on unnalloyed steel. Etidronic acid also acts to retard rancidification and oxidation of fatty acids.

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FERRIFLOC 1820 is a patented synergistic blend of inorganic ferric chloride and an organic polyamine combining the strength of the respective coagulants. FERRIFLOC 1820 is particularly suitable for the clarification of a broad range of surface waters to potable water standards. FERRIFLOC 1820 can be dosed as product using a corrosion resistant positive displacement pump. FERRIFLOC 1820 can be made up as a convenient stock solution (20% min) or diluted at the dosing point and dosed at a rate determined by jar tests.

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