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Aquatreat BW150

Aquatreat BW150 is a tannin based formulation for prevention of scale and corrosion in steam boilers, closed systems and steam locomotives.

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Aquatreat BW160

Aquatreat BW160 is a multi function tannin treatment for heating systems or as oxygen scavenger in low pressure (< 20 bar) steam boilers. Not suitable for aluminium.

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Aquatreat BW186

Aquatreat BW186 is a corrosion inhibitor formulation especially for use in MPHW and HPHW systems that have demineralised make-up scavenger and passivator which can be used as a replacement for hydrazine.

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Aquatreat BW360

Aquatreat BW360 is a high concentration phosphate/polymer boiler water additive for scale prevention.

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Aquatreat NB519

Aquatreat NB519 is a versatile molybdate zinc based corrosion and scale inhibitor for softened water, including a bromine pre-cursor.

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BC Antifoam ED5

BC Antifoam ED5 contains 30% silicone and is designed to be diluted for storage and resale at levels of 5% and 10% silicone. These concentrations are the preferred levels for sales and use of antifoam

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Calcium citrate

Calcium citrate is the calcium salt of citric acid. It is commonly used as a food additive, usually as a preservative, but sometimes for flavor. In this sense, it is similar to sodium citrate. Calcium citrate is also used as a water softener because the citrate ions can chelate unwanted metal ions.

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Copper Sulphate

Copper sulphate exists as a series of compounds that differ in their degree of hydration. It is utilized chiefly for agricultural purposes, as a pesticide, germicide, feed additive, and soil additive. It is used in swimming pools as an algaecide. Several chemical tests utilize copper sulfate. It is used in Fehling's solution and Benedict's solution to test for reducing sugars, which reduce the soluble blue copper(II) sulfate to insoluble red copper(I) oxide. It is also used in the Biuret reagent to test for proteins.


Cyclohexylamine is an organic chemical, an amine derived from cyclohexane. It is toxic by both ingestion and inhalation; the inhalation itself may be fatal. It readily absorbs through skin, which it irritates. It is corrosive. It is used as an intermediate in synthesis of some herbicides, antioxidants, accelerators for vulcanization, pharmaceuticals, corrosion inhibitors, some sweeteners etc. It has been used as a flushing aid in the printing ink industry.

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D-Gluconic Acid

D-Gluconic acid is an organic compound. It is one of the 16 stereoisomers of 2,3,4,5,6-pentahydroxyhexanoic acid. It occurs naturally in fruit, honey, kombucha tea, and wine. It is an important chelating agent and has many applications in the chemical industry. As a food additive, it is an acidity regulator. It is used in cleaning products where it dissolves mineral deposits especially in alkaline solution. Uses for gluconic acid are also found in the cosmetic industry, treatment of wastewater, in agrochemicals, textile industry, and in photography.

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