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ATMP or aminotris(methylenephosphonic acid) is a phosphonic acid with chemical formula N(CH2PO3H2)3.
 It has chelating properties. 
It can be synthesized from the Mannich-type reaction of ammonia, formaldehyde, and phosphorous acid.

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Abex EP-110

Abex EP-110 is a transparent solution, net nonylphenol ethoxylate ammonium sulfate in seawater solution. This product can be used for vinyl acetate homopolymer, vinyl acetate/acrylates, styrene/acrylic, styrene/butadiene, and all-acrylic systems. Abex EP-110 is available in large quantities, four drums 200 kg of plastic pallets of 800 kg or 1.000 kg plastic container / pallet.

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Accepta 2028

Accepta 2028 is a superior quality 2,2-DiBromo 3-NitriloProprionamide (DBNPA) based biocide for use in cooling water systems and other applications.It can be used in pulp and paper processes.

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Accepta 2053

Accepta 2053 is an general purpose water based antifoam comprising a mixture of surface actives.It can be used for waste water process applications.It is a concentrated emulsion and also acts as a defoamer.

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Accepta 2054

Accepta 2054 is a glycol based general purpose antifoam to be used in secondary treatment or final effluent in a wastewater treatment plant. It can also used as a defoamer.

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Accepta 2073

Accepta 2073 is a superior quality bromine based biocide product developed for re-circulating water systems including cooling systems, ornamental water features, fountains.

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Accepta 2091

Accepta 2091 is a high performance reverse osmosis (RO) antiscalant and dispersant, scientifically formulated for the treatment and protection of reverse osmosis membranes under high silica feed water conditions. Accepta 2091 has been specifically designed for ro membrane systems with high silica feed-waters.Accepta 2091 can be used in reverse osmosis applications where the reject brine silica levels are as high as 230 ppm at 30oC and pH 7.5.Accepta 2091 is a proven high performance scale inhibitor against calcium carbonate and calcium sulfate scalants and combats silica fouling by a combination of anti-precipitation, anti-agglomeration and dispersancy processes. Accepta 2091 is compatible with a wide range of materials and unlike other antiscalants, is not deactivated in the presence of iron.

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Accepta 2206

Accepta 2206 is a superior quality sodium bromide based biocide suitable for use as a precursor for a two pack bromine generation system.

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Accepta 2256

Accepta 2256 is a superior quality sodium chlorite based product.It can be used in conjunction with a chlorine dioxide generator to control Legionella pneumophila and biofilms.

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Accepta 2301

Accepta 2301 is a highly efficient polymeric cationic microbiocide developed for the control of bacteria and algae in cooling water and related systems.It may also be used to control microbial contamination in swimming pools and spas.

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