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Metachelate (EDTA Substitute)

Metachelate completely replaces Di Sodium EDTA and is 2.2 times economical in price.
Metachelates are used for chelating unwanted ions like Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, etc.

Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals

ALTRET serve you consistence performance by maintain critical parameters throughout the boiler operation in all aspects of boiler feedwater treatment. We are not only supplying you chemicals but fix our self with contracting with you such as extensive service contracts, comprehensive maintaining water quality and trouble shooting and monitoring agreements. ALTRET superior quality boiler products and specialist additives focus on improving the operational efficiency of steam boilers, industrial boilers and process systems by offering readymade solutions to the problems associated with such installations; namely scale formation, corrosion, boiler water carryover and sludge deposition. ALTRET has exceptional diagnostic skill in solving complex technical problems along with water chemistry. We have expert engineers of different field such as chemical, mechanical, environment and energy conservation.

Diallyldimethylammonium chloride

Diallyldimethylammonium chloride is high purity,quaternary ammonium salt monomer of water-soluble high-efficient positively charged ion type. Its molecular structure contains alkenyl double bond,which may form linear homopolymer and various kinds of copolymer through various kinds of polyreaction.

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Flux-Calcined Diatomaceous Earth

Flux-Calcined Diatomaceous Earth is processed and purified in a rotary kiln in the same fashion as our calcined diatomaceous earth with the addition of a natural fluxing agent to further increase agglomeration.It can also be used as a filler in the same applications as our natural diatomaceous earth products where higher abrasion, a brighter color, and larger particle sizes are required by the application. The characteristic bright white color is produced by a reaction between the fluxing agent (a salt) and the natural minerals in diatomaceous earth.Flux-Calcined Diatomaceous Earth applications and industries include Food and beverage filtration, Water treatment,Construction fillers,Horticulture and agriculture,Functional additives,Fire retardant coatings.

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Thermidaire Boiler-Treat 407-280

Thermidaire Boiler-Treat 407-280 is a complete internal treatment for scale and corrosion control in low-pressure boilers with low makeup conditions used for humidification.

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1,3-Dibromo-5,5-Dimethylhydantoin is streamlined oxidant type disinfecting agent, with high stabilization, lightodor, long efficient. Kind of anti septic and bactericide of special properties. Used in industrial water conditioning and anti septic of bathing and swimming pool. Also used in various kinds of water treatment, deodorization in toilet, anti septic and bactericide in agriculture.

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Aminotrimethylene Phosphonic Acid

Aminotrimethylene phosphonic acid has excellent chelation, low threshold inhibition and lattice distortion ability. It can prevent scale formation, calcium carbonate in particular, in water system. It has good chemical stability and is hard to be hydrolyzed in water system. At high concentration, it has good corrosion inhibition. It is used in industrial circulating cool water system and oilfield water pipeline in fields of thermal power plant and oil refinery plant. It can decrease scale formation and inhibit corrosion of metal equipment and pipeline. It can be used as chelating agent in woven and dyeing industries and as metal surface treatment agent.

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hypophosphorous acid Purified 50%

Hypophosphorous acid is a phosphorus oxoacid and a powerful reducing agent. It is used in the formulation of pharmaceuticals, discoloration of polymers, water treatment, retrieval of precious or non-ferrous metals. Its main use is for electroless plating; i.e. deposition of select metal films from solution on a sensitized surface.

Hypophosphorous Acid Resin Grade is used to reduce colour of Alkyd and Polyester resin.

Aluminium Sulphate Hexadecahydrate

Aluminium Sulphate Hexadecahydrate is used in water purification and as a mordant in dyeing and printing textiles. In water purification, it causes impurities to coagulate which are removed as the particulate settles to the bottom of the container or more easily filtered.

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