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copper carbonate basic Technical ?99%,

Product Explanation:

Molecular  Formula: CuCO3.Cu(OH)2

Molecular weight: 221.12

Product Use:

As continuously added copper source of PCB plating; new pollution-free fungicides and also for analysis reagents. To produce varied copper compound in inorganic salt industry, as organic synthesis catalyst in organic industry, as copper additive in electroplated Cu-Sn alloy coating industry and desulfurizer in crude oil storage,also widely used in wood preservation within these years. 






Specific surface area (m²/g)













Fe (%)

SO4 (%)

Ni (%)

Pb (%)











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ACTICIDE DDQ 80 is used in timber preservation formulations, disinfectants, cleaners and sterilant products, fungicidal/algal washes etc.

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BORACOL 20-2 is a wood preservative which is fungicidal and insecticidal in its preventative action and fungicidal when used as an eradicant. It is a clear solution of 20% disodium octaborate tetrahydrate in propylene glycol. It is designed for use as a surface treatment in-situ building material to eradicate fungal attack and preserve against attack from both fungus and wood boring insects. It penetrates 3 -5mm into the wood and establishes a reserve from where further penetration takes place.

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BORACOL 20-2 BD is a wood preservative which is fungicidal and insecticidal with an added preventative mouldicidal effect; is fungicidal when used as a preventative treatment and fungicidal when used as an eradicant and effective in preventing mould on wood and stone as well as other absorbent surfaces. It is a clear solution of 19.6% disodium octaborate tetrahydrate and 1.0% didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride in propylene glycol and water. It is designed for use as a surface treatment in-situ building material to prevent and kill fungal attack and preserve against attack from both mould and wood boring insects. It may be applied by brushing, dipping, spraying to refusal or by injection.

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Chromated Copper Arsenate

Chromated Copper Arsenate is a wood preservative. It is a mix of chromium, copper and arsenic (as Copper(II) arsenate) formulated as oxides or salts, and is recognizable for the greenish tint it imparts to timber. Chromated Copper Arsenateis was invented in 1933 by Dr. Sonti Kamesam. It is known by many trade names and is the world’s most widely used wood preservative. It is manufactured to national and international standards depending on the country of intended use, including AWPA P23-10 for the USA and SANS 673 for South Africa, and each manufacturer needs to comply with these standards.

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Copper Chrome Boron

Copper Chrome Boron is one of the best alternatives to CCA wood preservative. It is fix type water borne wood preservative which provides fine protection to various wood damaging insects and factors. It is used in vacuum pressure method for best results. Copper Chrome Boron is very effective against wood borers, fungi, decay, marine orgasms and termites and protects wood for a long time which is highly exposed and is in ground contact. It is suited for exterior use where as Boric Acid treatment is suitable only for interior use. It is having broad spectrum activity, low mammalian toxicity.

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Cu-Bor is a copperboron wood preservative. It is used to treat the groundline area of standing wood structures such as utility poles. The highly effective active ingredients in Cu-Bor travel deep into the wood by diffusion (osmotic action). It is also a furnish treatment in engineered wood products and a railroad tie treatment. It is formulated as a brush-on paste which protects wood in below ground installations like utility poles against decay.

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ROCIMA 224 Premix

ROCIMA 224 Premix is a liquid insecticide which is self-emulsifiable in water and is used for preventative and/or curative treatment of freshly cut wood or dry wood against several wood destroying insects. The advantages are it produces a curative and preventative effect upon the insects, it provides good stability against UV and saponification and is highly effective against most of the harmful insects found in dry or in freshly cut wood.

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ROCIMA 226 Premix

ROCIMA 226 Premix is a liquid active substance concentrate for use as an insecticide in wood preservatives which are formulated on water immiscible solvents. It is highly effective against all wood-destroying insects commonly occurring in dry lumber or in timber already used in buildings and also stabilizes the active ingredient against decomposition.

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Super-Fume is an easy to use granular wood fumigant. This granular fumigant formula is highly effective at controlling internal decay in standing utility poles because it contains a high concentration (98%) of active ingredient.

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