Zinc Plating process coating zinc metal over another metal using electricity


E-Brite ZNI

E-Brite ZNI is a patented zinc-nickel alloy process which provides the corrosion resistance of cadmium. The unique benefit of the E-Brite ZNI deposit is it exhibits low hydrogen embrittling characteristics, making it ideal for many hydrogen embrittlement sensitive applications.

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Colsid K-250

Colsid K-250 is a superb, potassium chloride-based, ammonia-free bright acid zinc plating process, designed for rack plating and barrel plating applications. It offers superior high-current density burn-free range compared to other potassium chloride zinc plating processes on the market.

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Zinc Cyanide

Zinc Cyanide is a white solid that is mainly used for electroplating zinc but also has more specialized applications for the synthesis of organic compounds.

Zincacyn 100

Zincacyn 100 is an economical cyanide zinc plating process with excellent covering power, suitable for rack or barrel.

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Colglo 450-MA

Colglo 450-MA is a economical, general-purpose cyanide zinc brightener suitable for both rack and barrel plating. It contains no aldehydes.

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E-Brite ZNI Alk

E-Brite ZNI Alk is a alkaline non-cyanide zinc/nickel plating process.

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E-Brite ZNI A(2)

E-Brite ZNI A(2) is a acid chloride zinc/nickel plating process for zinc/nickel alloy plating from an ammonium chloride plating bath.

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zinc phosphate

 used in various materials for waterproof, acid resistant or corrosion preventive coating. such as epoxy paint, acrylic paint, paste paint and water soluble resin paint in the fields of shipbuilding, automobile, industrial machinery, light metal hold appliances and metal containers for foods.

 also production of chlorinated rubber and flame retardants , for polymer materials, electronics, temperature glass, Adhesive sintering , additives of transparent ceramic.

E-Brite Ultra-Alk

E-Brite Ultra-Alk is a alkaline non-cyanide zinc plating brightener process. It is suitable for either rack or barrel plating.

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Colzinc ACF Purifier

Colzinc ACF Purifier contains thiourea and is used to improve deposit clarity and eliminate low to mid current dullness due to trace impurities.

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