Zinc Plating process coating zinc metal over another metal using electricity


E-Brite Ultra-Chlor AP

E-Brite Ultra-Chlor AP is a mixed ammonium/potassium chloride bright zinc plating process which produces brilliant, level and ductile deposits even on difficult substrates such as cast iron, heat treated and carbonitrited steel.

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Zinc Nitrate Hexahydrate

Zinc nitrate hexahydrate is used in the field of electro-galvanizing, agriculture, rubber industry, water treatment industry and catalysts. It is also used as analytical reagent.

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Colzinc ACF-II Brightener

Colzinc ACF-II Brightener is a a blend of cationic polyamines that contributes deposit leveling, grain refinement, brightness, and ductility.

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Colzinc ACF Fume Suppressor-II

Colzinc ACF Fume Suppressor-II is a potent foaming agent for eliminating caustic spray and controlling fumes at the surface of the plating bath.

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