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EZ-CAUSTIC On-line Analyzer System

EZ-CAUSTIC On-line Analyzer System is used in the on-line monitoring of caustic scrubbers in the ethylene production. In the petrochemical industry ethylene is produced by steam cracking. Impurities in the cracking gas, such as Carbon dioxide (CO2) and Hydrogen sulfide (H2S), are washed out from the gas phase in the caustic scrubber. Sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) and sulfide (Na2S) result from the reaction with excess NaoH. The effectiveness of the scrubber liquor in removing impurities depends upon the concentration of the scrubbing chemical, which is continuously depleted during scrubber operation. Operation can only be efficient when the concentration of the scrubbing chemical is maintained. Therefore the outlet of the caustic scrubber is controlled at ± 3% NaOH overshoot, usually analyzed by off-line laboratory measurements. The system consists of appropriate wet-chemical technology for lowering effectively the scrubber set point.


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Fermentor Gas Analyser

Fermentor Gas Analyser has been designed as a high level, automatic Analytical Monitoring Station with option of Single Stream Fermentor and Multiple Stream Fermentor up to 8 Streams. It monitors CO2, O2, CO, CH4 and H2 in exit/vent gas of Fermenter. Using stream selector customers can use one Analysis platform by selecting a timing diagram and opting to sample exit gas in multiple Fermentors in desired sequence.

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Flue Gas Analyzer

Flue Gas Analyzer are portable instruments that find application in meeting the measurement demands of gases like CO, CxHy, O2, CO2, NO, SO2, SOx, CH4, NOx, NO2, H2S, H2, NH3 and other gases as per the specific requests of the customers. In some end applications these are used as service & maintenance tool where the emission analyzer assists technician in diagnosing issues related to combustion, in optimizing fuel efficiency as well as in maximizing combustion system performance. Some standard features of these analyzers include Display of 4x20 LCD with Back-lit, Communication port of RS232, Calibration options comprising auto/ semi auto/ manual, Inbuilt peripherals coming with RTC for date and time etc.

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FPIMiX5 Handheld X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer

FPIMiX5 Handheld X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer enables fast, accurate and non-destructive analysis of a variety of materials with the world's leading X-ray fluorescence analysis techniques. It can determine the metal grades in seconds,with excellent metal analytical ability. Analysis results of laboratory level can be achieved with extra testing time. This instrument can analyze element composition of ferrous, nonferrous metals and alloy Enable customers to get accurate analysis results in quality control, material sorting, alloy identification, security, accident investigation etc.FPIMiX5 series combine a robust fundamental parameters (FP) method and empirical calibrations for superior precision and accuracy. Simply select the application that you need and analysis can be finished in seconds.The FPIMiX5 includes the most comprehensive grade library: the pre-installed, user-selectable AISI (>650 grades), DIN, JIS, and GB libraries include a total of over 1600 alloys. Users can modify the existing libraries, add new grades (specialty or exotic alloys) or create their own library.MiX5 Series can help customers sort materials rapidly, non-destructively on-site. It is designed for the toughest environments, IP54 compliant (equivalent to NEMA 3) for superior protection against dust and water, impact-resistant housing with environmental sealing, and rubber bumpers around the screen, nose and battery for protection against shocks.

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G908 Petrochemical Analyzer

G908 Petrochemical Analyzer is a pioneer of purpose-built analytical devices for chemical analysis. It combines with high-pressure mass spectrometry (HPMS) technology with the separating power of ballistic gas chromatography (GC). The combination of HPMS and GC provides exceptionally fast compositional analysis, improving efficiency and providing cost savings in use cases that range from exploration and extraction to manufacturing and retail. With G908, users can rapidly perform testing in-line, at-line, in the laboratory and at remote field-based settings. With this purpose-built petrochemical analyzer, operators of all skill levels can monitor process streams for specific compounds, detect problems quickly and facilitate immediate action. G908 weighs only 28 pounds and enables broader analysis capabilities by positively identifying and quantifying a range of analytes, including low-level impurities, within complex product stream matrices at the point of need.

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Gas Analyzer

Gas Analyzer features large, easy-to-read fluorescent display that is visible from wide angles. The device measures and displays O2 and CO in the flue gas, pressure (draft), primary air temperature, and stack temperature. It calculates and displays combustion efficiency, excess air, and CO2. Further it optionally measures and displays NO, NO2, SO2, HC (methane equivalent combustibles), and CO in the high range of 4,000 to 80,000 ppm. The device is capable of storage of over 1000 individual combustion and/or pressure test records, which can later be recalled for viewing or printing.

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Gas Analyzer

Gas Analyzer is a completely configured system for automatic coulometric water content determination in liquefied and permanent gases. The key features are its robust construction and the strict separation of gas-carrying system and electronic area. A mass flow controller provides precise gas flow measurement while magnetic valves ensure a fully automated measuring procedure. Application examples include the measurement of water content in propane, propene, LPG, butane, butene, ethylene oxide and dimethyl ether.

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Gas Chromatograph(GC)

Gas Chromatograph(GC)

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Genius XRF

The new generational Genius XRF series are designed according to the applications of on-site X-ray analysis in the wild, featuring small and light body, which can be held in hands by common people when measuring.It is super small, super light, super beautiful, super safe, super convenient,super long standby time, super waterproof, super precise and super fast.Digital multi-channel technology make the instrument have better detection limit, better stabiliy, and wider application fields.

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GeoSpec2 Core Analyser

GeoSpec2 Core Analyser are widely used in the petrochemical industries with installations in almost every major oil producer and SCAL laboratory world-wide. It provides comprehensive NMR core analysis results without the need for an in-house NMR expert. GeoSpec models for routine measurements of relaxation distributions generally operate at 2MHz in order to reduce artefacts caused by ferromagnetic material in the samples and to mimic the operation of the NMR logging tools. The device are equipped with Q-Sense, a ground-breaking new technology for improved signal-to-noise and ultra-short echo times.

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