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Chemical Process Equipment

Multi-Parameter Vortex Flow Meters

Multi-Parameter Vortex Flow Meters are temperature and Pressure compensated in-line Vortex Flow Meters. These are designed to indicate flow rates of gases, liquids or steam.Multi-Parameter Vortex Flow Meters is constructed of type 316 stainless steel, Vortex meters may be installed in-line by customer provided or built-in flanges and key pad or communication interface functionalities include measuring units, programmable flow alarm, two programmable totalizers, programmable flow rate pulse output, two programmable optically isolated outputs, battery backed real time clock (RTC), digital communication interface (RS-232 or RS-485), programmable diagnostic events log and register with date/time stamp, programmable process variable log with date/time stamp, calibration and flowing fluid parameters adjustment, extensive diagnostics.

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Multimill is widely used for wet and dry granulation, pulverisation etc. in Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Cosmetics, Ceramics, Colours, Dyestuff, Food products etc. Multi Mill unit consists of S.S. 304 quality hopper and processing chamber with beaters assembly, motor, reversible switch, DOL starter, four speed step pulley, suitable screen with painted pillar mounted on base plate, with castors. It operates on the principle of variable force swing beaters having both knife and impact edges rotating within a selected screen to get the required size reduction. Material fed in the hopper, goes down to the processing chamber where it moves to the periphery and passes through the screen radially and tangentially. Finally the processed material gets collected in the container kept below the processing chamber.

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Multimill is used for granulating, pulverising, shredding and chopping of materials. Odd-size crystalline material / granules can be reduced to the required size by fitting interchangeable perforated screens around the swing hammer blades. The output varies from 50 to 200 kg/hr depending on the characteristics of the powder and mesh size required. The features are it is compact, easy to operate and dismantle for cleaning and further the height of discharge can be made to suit different capacity IPC height.

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Multiple Effect Evaporator

Multiple Effect Evaporator is commonly used in large scale operation, in such as system, evaporators are arranged in series so that the vapour from one evaporator is used as heat source for the next one that is operating under lower pressure and temperature. Most common method used in chemical industry for feeding a multiple evaporator is forward feed and backward feed. Its application include in sodium hydroxide, ammonium sulphate, lignin solutions etc.

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Multiple Effect Evaporators

Evaporators are thermal concentrators for concentrating dilute liquid for increasing the solids content and for reducing volume of evaporating liquid, widely used for the concentration of liquids in the form of solutions, suspensions and emulsions. In this evaporators one type of evaporator is Multiple Effect Evaporator. In Multiple Effect Evaporators (MEE), there is a conservation of heat as steam from the boiler is used for the first effect and then the vapour generated from the product is used as the heat source in the second effect. The vapour generated here is then used as the heat source in the third effect and finally heats water for some other process or preheats the incoming feed. Evaporators are used to convert entire quantity of effluent to zero liquid discharge by separating water and salt using evaporation and separation technology by concentrating the effluent to the saturation level and subsequent separation of salt and water through centrifuging and drying. Industries like Textile Dying, Pharmaceutical & Drug Industries, Pulp mills etc. during the manufacturing process generates huge quantity of high toxic effluents which has high BOD, COD, TS and TDS level with black coloured and odour effluent. To overcome all the environmental problems, Zero Liquid Discharge Effluent System is required depending upon the type of effluent for evaporation and drying.

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Multispray Cabinet Dryer

Multispray Cabinet Dryer have a vast range of uses and can be employed in the following sectors such as cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical industry process applications. It guarantees total cleanliness of the inner chamber and all heating plates, in compliance with the increasingly restrictive FDA standards and the cGMP standards of good manufacturing. The vacuum tray dryers can be used in any type of application as there are two versions available, fixed plate and removable plate, the latter particularly indicated for multiproduct usage. The features are it has drying surface areas from 0.15 to 32 m2, it has optimized fluid distribution for a perfect temperature uniformity, it has absolute precision in mechanical machining for high operating vacuums, it has minimum surface roughness, rounded edges and maximum internal accessibility and further has automatic door opening system.

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Multistage Centrifugal Blowers

Multistage Centrifugal Blowers are developed from optimum quality mild steel, obtained from our trustworthy vendors and are highly demanded in Chemical, Cement, Steel and Sugar Plants. These Multistage Centrifugal Blowers are known for their Ruggedly constructed, Efficient performance and Easy to operate features.

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Municipal Chemical Feed System

Complete Chemical Feed System for Sodium Hypochlorite injection for disinfection.

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N2,H2 Compressor

N2,H2 Compressor is a mechanical device that increases the pressure of a both nitrogen and hydrogen by reducing its volume. The compressor is similar to pumps and both increase the pressure on a fluid and both can transport the fluid through a pipe. Liquids are relatively incompressible while some can be compressed, the main action of a pump is to pressurize and transport liquids.

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Nalgene Magnetic Carboy Stirrer

Nalgene Magnetic Carboy Stirrer is used with Nalgene 10- and 20L carboys for low-speed mixing of high volumes of media and buffer solution.The stirrer adjusts easily to fit either a 10 or 20L Nalgene carboy with an 83B size closure.The magnetic stirrer package includes closure and two impellers. Stir bar is designed as a 13mm diameter and shaft O.D: 13mm.

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