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Chemical Process Equipment

Turbulizer Paddle Mixer

Turbulizer Paddle Mixer is a continuous high shear mixer with adjustable paddle angles and tip-to-wall clearance provides flexibility for control of residence time and mix intensity. High paddle tip speeds delivers added mixing capabilities and imparts shear on the materials. It is ideal for continuous mixing, coating, hydrating, and homogenizing applications. Its optional jacketed design provides high-efficiency indirect process heating or cooling. It feed multiple wet and dry ingredients at once with controlled residence times of 2-30 seconds.

Bepex International LLC

333 Taft St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413, USA..


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Turn Key Loss-In-Weight Feeder

Turn Key Loss-In-Weight Feeder speeds installation and greatly simplifies start-up over traditional field assembled units.The feeder and its scale come mounted to a separate rugged tubular frame support base.

Vibra Screw, Inc.

755 Union Boulevard Totowa, NJ 07512 UNITED STATES.


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Twin Arm Mixer cum Kneader

Twin Arm Mixer cum Kneader can also be called as universal mixer, as it can be used for mixing of products in various phases i.e. free flowing solids, liquids, light pastes, heavy pastes and dough. The equipment basically consists of a horizontal trough having "w" cross- section formed by joining of two opposing "J's" at their shorter arm. Each "J" houses a mixing element or arm supported by antifriction bearings mounted on heavy-duty side plates on either end of the trough. Both the arms contra rotate towards each other generally at different speeds for processing viscous to highly viscous products for achieving; mixing alone or mixing combined with kneading, grinding, dispersion, shredding, drying etc. and is widely used in chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Traxit Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

406, Solaris II, Saki Vihar Road, Opp. L & T Gate No. 6, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India..


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Twin Lobe Roots Blower

Twin Lobe Roots Blower is a positive displacement pump which operates by pulling air through a pair of meshing lobes not unlike a set of stretched gears. The blower finds application in varied industries like pollution control plant, fertilizer plant and chemical plant. The blowers are available in capacity range of 10m3/hour–10,000m3/hour. The features are it is available with low RPM high pressure, it performs very well in single stage as well as in double stage, these are offered in horizontal as well as vertical flow of medium and further it is suitable for continuous duty.

Garuda Engineering Technologies

697/27, Dhanlaxmi Market, Railwaypura, Ahmedabad-380 002, Gujarat, India.


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Twin Shaft Mixer

Twin Shaft Mixer consists of paddles mounted on twin shafts in a ‘W’ shaped trough. The material to be mixed is charged from the top of the trough. Liquid spraying arrangement if required can be provided. The normal filling level is slightly above the shafts. Thus, there is surplus space in the mixer trough to provide air around the particles so that they can move freely. The specific speed of the shafts combined with the overlapping motion and paddle design facilitates rapid fluidization and ensures excellent transport of particles. The normal working volume in this type of mixer is about 25% of the total volume of the trough. Applications of the twin-shaft paddle mixer are in industries such as feed, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, building and environmental.

Magwell Industries

20/7, Kuttiyappan Street, Davidpuram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India..


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Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer

Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer is used for homogeneous mixing of dry powders, flakes, solids with provision for effective liquid addition provided. The Salient features of the Mixer are it provides homogeneous mix irrespective of density, shape and size of the ingredients, its mechanical fluidization ensures homogeneous mix in shortest possible time and further it has very low power consumption per ton of mix. Its application include in Water Treatment Chemicals, Foundry Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals, Leather/textile Chemicals, Oil drilling Chemicals etc.

Toshniwal Instruments (Madras) Pvt Ltd

No. 267, Kilpauk Garden Road Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India- 600010.


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Twin-Lobe Positive Displacement Blower

Twin-Lobe Positive Displacement Blowers are widely recommended for domestic as well as industrial purposes. These are constant speed machines that deliver constant volume of air over a range of discharge pressures. The features are it has low noise, it has minimum maintenance, it has oil free air delivery, it has low RPM, high efficiency and further it has rigid construction. Its application include in pneumatic conveying system, aqua culture plant, chemical and fertilizer plant, cement industries etc.

ROKADE RoTek India Pvt. Ltd.

Plot no R-375, TTC Indl. Area Rabale, Navi Mumbai 400701, Maharashtra. India.


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Twin-Screw Micro-Ingredient Feeders

Twin-Screw Micro-Ingredient Feeders has been specially designed to provide maximum accuracy at minimal feedrates, which makes it ideal for use in the chemical and pharmaceutical processing industries. Unique design features ensure that high-value ingredients are fed accurately at rates as low as 20 g/hr with minimal residual material left in the feeders.

K-Tron Process Group

Routes 55 & 553 Pitman, NJ 08071.


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Twin-shaft continuous mixer (LFK)

The BHS twin-shaft continuous mixer (LFK) is a powerful, reliable solution for continuous mixing processes, particularly those with coarse aggregates. This mixer is especially suitable for producing mineral mixtures, RCC, landfill liners, lean concrete, heavy concrete and dry mixtures, etc

BHS-Sonthofen GmbH

BHS-Sonthofen GmbH An der Eisenschmelze 47 87527 Sonthofen, Germany.


+49 8321 6099-0 /

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Two Piece Design Ball Valve

Two Piece Design Ball Valves is provided in 2/3 piece design and connections as per customer requirements. Seat material can be glass filled teflon, viton or metal as per the requirements. Balls are accurately machined and lapped. These valves undergo routine in-house test for pressure rating, leakage etc. such as pressure test, leak test etc. The material of construction is SS316, SS304, Carbon etc. Its end connection is 1 / 4 “ to 2” and has rating up to 6000 PSI.

HP Valves & Fittings India Pvt. Ltd.

B-11, Mogappair Industrial Estate, Mogappair West, Chennai - 600 037, India..


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