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N2,H2 Compressor

N2,H2 Compressor is a mechanical device that increases the pressure of a both nitrogen and hydrogen by reducing its volume. The compressor is similar to pumps and both increase the pressure on a fluid and both can transport the fluid through a pipe. Liquids are relatively incompressible while some can be compressed, the main action of a pump is to pressurize and transport liquids.

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Nitrogen Compressor

Nitrogen Compressor is boosting and storage of nitrogen gas in Chemical technological process; Oil exploitation technology.

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Refrigeration Compressors

Refrigeration Compressors are available in capacities up-to 12 cylinders in V & W arrangements. Suitable for industrial applications, Metro Compressors have compact design, built in suction and discharge manifold with large size suction filter for protection of vital parts. All welded steel construction of crankcase unit with provision of unloaded starting system and the safeguard against incidental liquid hammer. The crank case is fully leak & impact proof, the smooth internal surfaces of the crank case provides better condition for lubricants. Every parts is precision made and interchangeable. These compressors are suitable for V-belt and direct drive system.

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Rotary Twin Screw Compressor

Rotary Twin Screw Compressor range is in capacity from 255 CFM through 2000 CFM at 2950 RPM. Standard units are designed for use on ammonia, halocarbon and hydrocarbon refrigerants at pressure ratios upto 26:1. The compact, vibration-free Frick rotary screw compressor packages are designed for all industrial refrigeration requirements. These screw compressors can run for almost all gases like R-717,R-22,R-134a, R290, R-404a, R- 1270 etc. For other gas applications custom-built packages can be offered. The features are it has dual capacity control system, it has variable volume ratio control, it has PLC based automation, it has flexible operation parameters, it is highly energy efficient and further has low maintenance. It is widely used in petrochemicals, chemical industries, pharmaceutical industry etc.

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Single Stage Air Compressor

Single Stage Air Compressor incorporate the latest aerodynamic and control system technologies to ensure optimum performance. During the down stroke of the piston, air is forced into the cylinder by atmospheric pressure through an inlet filter and an intake valve located in the head of the compressor. When the piston reaches the bottom of the stroke, the intake valve closes; the air is now trapped in the cylinder. During the upstroke of the piston, the air is compressed in the cylinder, the discharge valve opens and the compressed air is delivered into the air receiver tank. The total compression, from atmospheric to the final discharge pressure is accomplished in one stroke of the piston. It is widely used in chemical industries, fertilizer industries, glass industries, separation and filtration plants etc.

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Vertical Reciprocating Air Compressor

Vertical Reciprocating Air Compressor is proven for its attributes like rugged construction, compact size, low operational & maintenance cost. These compressors are available in Lubricated & Oil free versions. Its applications include in chemical industry, textile industry, pharmaceuticals, gas industry, tanneries etc.

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