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YJS chlorine dioxide generator

Yu Jie compound chlorine dioxide generator is the company's newly developed products, the use of sodium chlorate and hydrochloric acid as raw material, the negative pressure aeration technology, on-site preparation of chlorine dioxide-based, supplemented by chlorine disinfectant compound. Company for all kinds of applications and the different needs of the user's actions applicable, developed a series of products with complete specifications, product purity, high conversion rate, easy operation, high degree of automation of the characteristics of its product technology, stable performance, easy operation.

Shandong Yujie Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd.

Industrial Park, Linyi County, Hengyuan C2, Southern District,China..


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N2 & H2 Gas Generator

N2 & H2 Gas Generators eliminate the need for costly, inconvenient high pressure cylinders in the laboratory. Including integral oil-free air compressors as standard, the generators deliver a continuous stream of 99.999% plus pure nitrogen gas with a minimal residual Oxygen content without the need for secondary purification.

Chromline Equipment (I) Pvt.Ltd

152-D, 1st Floor, Udyog Bhavan, Sonawala Road, Goregaon (E), Mumbai, India..


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Nitrogen Gas Generator Equipment is an inert gas atmosphere generator & incorporates two sets of columns filled with carbon molecular sieves. Under pressure these columns retain all active molecules compounds present in air like oxygen, carbon dioxide and water with the exception of the inert gases like nitrogen & argon. The nitrogen gas can be produced onsite for direct use or can be stored in nitrogen storage tanks bottles or cylinders for intermittent use. It is widely used in chemical industries for applications such as reservoir blanketing,solvent blanketing, fuel storage, polymer production and solvent paint production.

Mellcon Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

B-297, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-1, New Delhi..


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PSA Nitrogen Gas Generator

PSA Nitrogen Gas Generators important features are the equipment adopts brand-newly-designed filling technique and service, its special bypass design ensures lower energy consumption and higher yielding results, it has imported pneumatic valve with original packaging guarantees the serviceability in a greater degree and further the computer-aided operation with the simple technical design makes for easy maintenance of the equipment. It is widely used in small-scale nitrogen demand of chemical industry, nitrogen protection and filling of injection solution, transfusion and oral liquid in pharmacy industry etc.

Wuxi Zhongrui Air Separation Equipments Co. Ltd.

Yangshi Zhenbei Industrial Park of Luoshe Town, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province..


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