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ATX Cartridge Filters

QuickChange AT and ATX Cartridge filters, designed for use in any aqueous-based chemical are shipped water-wet, and require no IPA prewetting procedures.

CPI International

12972 SE Suzanne Drive, Hobe Sound, FL 33455..


772.545.9788 /

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ATX Disposable Filters

QuickChange ATX Disposable filters, designed for use in any aqueous-based chemical, are shipped water-wet and require no IPA prewetting procedures. Without an IPA prewetting requirement, QuickChange Disposable filters prevent alcohol/chemical interaction, avoid potential sources of contamination, and eliminate the cost and inconvenience of hazardous waste disposal.

Flokal BV

Dorpenweg 27, Deursen..


00 31 48641 6240 / nil

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AU480 Chemistry Analyzer

AU480 Chemistry Analyzer is provided with a throughput of 400 photometric tests per hour (up to 800 with electrolytes) and an on board capacity of 63 different analytes. It is the ideal main analyzer for small to medium sized chemical laboratories. It is provided with long life electrodes, low maintenance and superior spot photometer technology. Further it combines versatile advanced functions that facilitate high quality testing, improve turnaround time and cut operating costs.


Solitaire Corporate Park, Building no.11, 3rd floor, Chakala, Andheri (East), Mumbai.


+91-22-30805000 /

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Aurora LIBS Spectrometer

The Aurora LIBS Spectrometer inherits powerful, integrated data analytics tools from our industry-leading RT100 Series LIBS instruments.

Applied Spectra, Inc.

46661 Fremont Boulevard Fremont, CA, United States..


(510) 657-7679 / 208-899-4425

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Auto Colorimeter

Auto Colorimeter is a compact and easy to operate instrument for Photo Colorimeter analysis of any concentration. Manufactured with excellent raw materials and technology, they are properly customized and are available in multiple designs. It is useful for analyzing chemicals & blood. Its features consist of accurate and direct readability of absorbing levels, rugged, reliable & easy operations and further it consists of a long lasting photo diode detector.

Systonic Systems

Plot No. 13, Industrial Area, Phase No. 2 Panchkula - 134113, Haryana.


+91-8447543858/+(91)-(172)-5066993 / +(91)-9316124993/+(91)-9780325039

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Auto Melting Point Apparatus

Auto Melting Point Apparatus is specially designed to find the melting point temperature of crystalline sample held within capillary tubes. Instrument uses the latest microcontroller technology and advanced engineering techniques so as to give enhanced accuracy and reproducibility. Auto Melting Point Apparatus system is equipped with microcontroller based digital display for displaying accurate results and soft touch membrane type keys for ease of operation. The sample capillary to be analyzed is held in an heating block (i.e. aluminium block) inside the heating chamber. The block holding the sample capillary tube is heated and the temperature is displayed on the 4 digit seven segment red LED display. The plateau temperature and the heating ramp rates are fully programmable using 'Plateau'/ 'Ramp' keys along with the 'Up', 'Down' keys. The plateau temperature allows the user to set a temperature to few degrees below the expected melting point temperature. Auto melting point apparatus will then heat to the programmed plateau temperature very rapidly. User can store upto 100 results (i.e. melting point temperatures) using the 'Store / Recall' key which are retained in the instruments memory even when it is switched off.

Electonics India

Orion Industrial and Commercial Complex, NH-22, Opp. Sector-6, Kamil, Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh,India..


+91-172-2591307 / +91 172 2591048 /

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Auto Q20 Differential Scanning Calorimeters

Auto Q20 Differential Scanning Calorimeters is a cost-effective, easy-to-use, general-purpose DSC module, with calorimetric performance superior to many competitive research-grade models. These are entry-level instruments not based on performance, but on available options. The Q20 is ideal for research, teaching, and quality control applications that require a rugged, reliable, basic DSC. The device is designed for unattended analysis of up to 50 samples in a sequential manner.

TA Instruments

159 Lukens Drive New Castle, DE.


+302-427-4000 /

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Front-loading sterilizer ATV 20, for steam sterilisation of wrapped or unwrapped instruments.

Falc Instruments SRL

Via Monzio Compagnoni 2,Treviglio,Bergamo,Italy.


00 39 0363 304660 / nil

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AutoDiff Analyzer

AutoDiff Analyzer is a high performance, automated diffuse reflectance accessory developed to analyze multiple samples with minimal user intervention. Typical applications include powdered pharmaceutical samples, high throughput forensic sampling, soils and analysis of many other powdered samples where speed and efficiency are important. The design employs an automated R-theta sampling stage with positions for up to 60 samples, providing diffuse reflectance analysis with greatly reduced operator intervention and increased sample throughput.

PIKE Technologies

6125 Cottonwood Drive Madison, WI.


+(608) 274-2721 /

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AutoLoader for 36, 104 or 136 crucibles.

Eltra GmbH

Mainstr. 85 / Block 20, 41469 Neuss, Germany..


+49 2137 99 80 25-0 /

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