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Cimarec™ Ceramic Top Hot Plate

These Cimarec® ceramic top plates offer high impact strength and acid and alkali resistance. Their unsurpassed flatness ensures maximum heat transfer, and the reflective bright white color enhances visibility. A rugged cast-aluminum body provides stability and durability, and a power indicator light is illuminated whenever power is applied to the control.

Terra Universal

800 S. Raymond Avenue, Fullerton, CA 92831, USA.


+1-714-578-6000 /

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Circular Hot Plates

This is heavy duty heating plate with a removable MS plate at the top. The housing is made of mild steel sheet and finished in powder coated paint. A heat control switch for low, medium and high heat., 2 Nos of indicating lamps, 1 No. Of 16 Amps Conductor And Sunbeam is provided on the front panel. The circular hot plate a maximum power consumption of 3.5 KW. The unit is designed for operating on 220/230 volts, single phase, and 50 Hz. AC mains.


No-83, Jyothi Complex, M.K.N. Road, Guindy, Chennai - 600032, Tamil Nadu, India..


+919566222268 / +91-44-22330421

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Class B Burettes

Class B Burettes are manufactured from high quality boresilicate tubing to provide a high degree of accuracy, reliablity, and durability. Burettes have a glass stopcock and imprinted white enamel graduations.

Cole-Parmer India

403, A-Wing Delphi Hiranandani Business Park, Mumbai 400076, Maharashtra, India.


1-800-266-1244 / 91-22-61394444 /

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Classical Top Discharge Centrifuge

Classical Top Discharge Centrifuge are a cost-effective alternative in the pharmaceutical production. The centrifuge can be easily adapted to the product characteristics and it is therefore suitable for companies that manufacture a variety of products in small to large batches. The properties are it has flexible adaptation for difficult to filter products, it has lossless filter cake discharge, it has automatic CIP cleaning, it has easy accessibility of all machinery parts in contact with the product, it has excellent washing and extraction effect and further has simple centrifuge design.

Heinkel Engineering Pvt Ltd

209, 2nd Floor, Block IV, Emrald Plaza, Hiranandani Meadows, Gladys Alwarys Road, Thane (W) - 400610, Maharashtra, India.


+91 9892708926 /

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Clean Air Oven

Clean Air Oven deals for Baking, Drying, Conditioning and Sterilizing Needs Clean Air Condition. It consists of silent Fan Motor, Optional RS-485 Communication Interface, Optional Mobile Alert Control System.

Roch Mechatronics Inc.

37 Duckering Close Red Deer, Alberta Canada, Zip - P4R2Z3.


91-9711091097 / nil

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Closed Cup Tester

Flash Point is defined as “the lowest temperature of a liquid at which its vapours will form a combustible mixture with air”. It is a convenient and reliable classification of the “flammability” of many substances.

Elcometer Limited

Edge Lane Manchester M43 6BU.


+44 (0)161 3716000 /

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CO2 Incubator with Hot Air Sterilization

CO2 Incubator with Hot Air Sterilization C170 is widely used in Pharmaceuticals, Research Institutes, Pharmacy Colleges etc. The features are it provides auto-sterilization with hot air at 180°C, the temperature range is : Room Temp. plus 7deg C to 50 deg C, it has relative humidity up to 95% RH, it has stainless steel inner chamber, it has CO2 sensor with Infrared technology, it has CO2 gas-mixing jet with venturi effect, it has visual & audible alarm and further it has humidification system with condensation protection.

Binder GmbH

Im Mittleren Osch 5, Tuttlingen, Germany.


+49 (0) 71 32 - 325-0 /

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CO2 Meter

World-class CO2 meter: The ideal laboratory and at-line solution for reliable determination of the CO2 content in alcoholic beverages and soft drinks.

Anton Paar GmbH

Anton Paar Strasse 20, Graz,8054,Osterreich,Austria.


800 722 7556 / +1(804) 5501051

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COBRA Industry Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps

COBRA Industry Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps are highly efficient, and ideally suited to industrial applications which require reliable and contaminant-free extraction of gases and vapours. The asymmetrical screw profile and free gas outlet allow for a high degree of fluid and particle compatibility. Optimum corrosion resistance is ensured by an even temperature distribution. The outstanding efficiency levels reduce thermal stress and extend the service lifetime of the pump. The pumps are available in a range of application-specific versions, and can be finely tailored to suit any requirement.

Busch Vacuum India Pvt Ltd

102-103, Sector 5, IMT Manesar, Gurgaon, Haryana -122 050, India.


+91 124 4212171 / 1 800 2126070 /

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Cobra SCARA Robots

Adept's SCARA robot innovations continue today with the Cobra i-series and s-series SCARA robots. With sizes from 350mm to 850mm, table-top and inverted configurations, and vision guidance options, Adept has a SCARA robot that will meet your most demanding manufacturing and packaging challenges.

Adept Technology, Inc.

5960 Inglewood Dr.Pleasanton, CA..


925.245.3400 /

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