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Auto Melting Point Apparatus

Auto Melting Point Apparatus is specially designed to find the melting point temperature of crystalline sample held within capillary tubes. Instrument uses the latest microcontroller technology and advanced engineering techniques so as to give enhanced accuracy and reproducibility. Auto Melting Point Apparatus system is equipped with microcontroller based digital display for displaying accurate results and soft touch membrane type keys for ease of operation. The sample capillary to be analyzed is held in an heating block (i.e. aluminium block) inside the heating chamber. The block holding the sample capillary tube is heated and the temperature is displayed on the 4 digit seven segment red LED display. The plateau temperature and the heating ramp rates are fully programmable using 'Plateau'/ 'Ramp' keys along with the 'Up', 'Down' keys. The plateau temperature allows the user to set a temperature to few degrees below the expected melting point temperature. Auto melting point apparatus will then heat to the programmed plateau temperature very rapidly. User can store upto 100 results (i.e. melting point temperatures) using the 'Store / Recall' key which are retained in the instruments memory even when it is switched off.

Electonics India

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Picus Electronic Pipette

Picus electronic pipette is intended to be used in liquid handling applications for dispensing liquids in a wide volume range from 0.2 ?l to 10 ml In Picus electronic pipette ergonomics is brought to a completely new level with extremely lightweight, small size and comfortable operation. Picus is an electronic pipette operated by the air displacement principle. The unique DC-motor, electronic brake and piston control system inside the pipette complete with electronic tip ejection guarantees excellent accuracy, precision and safety.

Alpha Laboratories

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Particle Size Distribution Analyzer

Particle size distribution analyzers determine both the size of particles and their state of distribution and are used for the production control of powders in such fields as ceramics, chemistry, and foodstuffs. Furthermore, in addition to analyzing the sub-0.1 micron particle sizes commonly being handled by particle size distribution analyzers, it also handles particles of up to two millimeters in diameter-over twice the conventional maximum size.

HORIBA Scientific

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Stirring-heating plate with 15 stirring positions, universally applicable for miscellaneous vessel sizes and shapes, stirring point distance 65 mm, suitable for 15 x 250 ml beaker glasses.

2mag Ag

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LabScan XE Spectrophotometer

LabScan XE spectrophotometer has 0°/45° optical geometry that measures color the way that you see color, ignoring the glare, and including the effect of gloss or texture. Its large measurement port of 50 mm reduces the need to average and the variable illumination option has an automated zoom lens to measure samples as small as 5 mm. To accurately measure optically brightened materials, ultraviolet calibration and control of the illumination source is available. The LabScan XE is used to measure samples in virtually any form including solids, powders and liquids. It is widely used in industries such as Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food etc.

Hunter Associates Laboratory, Inc.

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Spectro 24 RS Spectrophotometer

Spectro 24 RS Spectrophotometer is a visible spectrophotometer which enables quantitative and qualitative analysis of samples within the visible spectrum. It can be widely used in pharmaceutical manufacturing, health, clinical tests, biochemistry, petrochemical industry, environmental protection. It is one of the common instruments in physical and chemical labs, with high technology of microprocessor operation, auto zero A and Auto 100% T, Auto concentration and factor.

Labomed Inc.

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This section covers such areas as field measurement, sampling and rapid tests. As well as offering products like homogenizers, grinders, sieves and dispersers all used in sample preparation.

Reagecon Ltd.

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410 Mercury Analyzer

410 Mercury Analyzer incorporates the Hatch & Ott Cold Vapor Technique for the analysis of trace levels of mercury in drinking, surface and saline waters. This method is based on the absorption of radiation by mercury vapor at the 253.7 nm line. The 253.7 nm mercury line emitted by the lamp is absorbed by the vapor in the cell in proportion to the mercury concentration. The result is transmitted to the Digital readout which can be read directly in concentration of mercury. The instrument has a built-in Peak-Picker which reads peak area. The operator records this reading before purging.

Buck Scientific, Inc.

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Taber Rotary Abraser

Used primarily in the testing of ceramics, plastics, textiles, metals, leather, rubber and painted, lacquered and electroplated surfaces, accelerated wear test procedures have also been written into many test specifications including ASTM, ISO, TAPPI and DIN - as well as automotive manufacturing procedures around the world.

Elcometer Limited

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Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometer is applied to micro and trace metallic elements test, covering over 30 elements. The instrument has simple structure, provides fast test, with good repeatability and less interference, especially suitable for testing Cu, Zn, K, Na, Au, Ag, etc. It has three signal modes such as Atomic Absorption, Background Absorption and Background Correction Absorption. The reading time ranges from 0.5 s to 99s and it includes 8 computer controllable hollow cathode lamp holders.

Spectro Lab Equipments (P) Ltd.

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