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Metal box with chrome-phosphatizing base protection and exterior finish with heat resistant metallic Saint. Strengthened construction, modern lines and perfect finish.

Forns Hobersal SL

Polígono Industrial el Pinatar, Pge de les Serres, 08140 Caldes de Montbui, Barcelona..


+34 93 862 61 04 /

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Hook & Tucker Rotomixer

High frequency vibratory laboratory test tube agitator. Size: L 200mm x W 150mm x H 140mm. Weight 3kg.

Lex Machinery (Europe) Ltd

Unit 5, Ashmount Industrial Centre, Castle Park Industrial Estate, Flint, Flintshire, CH6 5XA.


+44(0)1352 792860 /

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Stirring-heating block combination with 15 stirring positions, 15 bore holes, ø 57.5 mm, depth 48 mm, distance 65 mm, suitable for 100 ml lab-flasks (e.g. Schott) and for 150 ml beaker glasses.

2mag Ag

Schragenhofstr. 35k, Munchen,Germany.


+49 (89)14 3342 52 / nil

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Elemental Analyzers C/N/S/Cl

The C/N/S/Cl elemental analyzers from Analytik Jena combine reliability and flexibility in unmatched quality.

Analytik Jena AG

Analytical Instrumentation, Konrad-Zuse-Str. 1, D-07745 Jena, Germany..


49 (0) 3641 77-71 99 /

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Trace Sulfur Analyzer

Trace Sulfur Analyzer provides new virtical furnace system for the liquid, gas/LPG analysis. The Sulfur analyzer is provided with improved ppb analysis as to conformed to recent customer requirement. It has a modular system configuration and various option of sample injector for liquid/gas/LPG available and also other detector can be used as Chemiluminescence Nitrogen (simultaneous) and Coulometric titration Chlorine. This system offer fast and improved performance for optimum plant operation and for catalyst control.

Mitsubishi Chemical Analytech Co., Ltd

370 Enzo Chigasaki Kanagawa-Pref. 253-0084 JAPAN.


81-467-86-3864 / nil

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Setaflash Series 3 Active-Cool

Flash Point is defined as “the lowest temperature of a liquid at which its vapours will form a combustible mixture with air”. It is a convenient and reliable classification of the “flammability” of many substances.

Elcometer Limited

Edge Lane Manchester M43 6BU.


+44 (0)161 3716000 /

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Moisture analyzers

Moisture analyzer is a laboratory measuring instrument intended to determine relative moisture content in samples of different substances.

Radwag Balances and Scales

Bracka Str. 28, 26-600 Radom, Poland..


48 48 384 88 00 ext. 205 /

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Digital Photo Tachometer

Hand held tachometer with quartz crystal micro-controller and optical (non-contact) sensor which measures a wide speed range to a high degree of accuracy. Large LCD display with a choice of display units and min/max and memory functions.

StanHope Seta Limited

London Street, Chertsey, Surrey,.


+44 (0)1932 564391 /

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470N4 Continuous Process Analyzer

470N4 Continuous Process Analyzer is used for continuous analysis of hydrocarbons including methane. It utilize a simple and reliable microprocessor-based non-dispersive infrared detector specific to CH4. The detector pulses an infrared beam of light through the sample tube, without the need for a mechanical chopper. In operation, the internal sample pump draws the sample gas through the filter/condensate trap, secondary filter, flow meter, and then on to the infrared detector. The detector output is digitally linearized and then displayed as percent or PPM CH4 on the digital meter. The output is also available as an analog or digital signal.

Nova Analytical Systems Inc.

1925 Pine Avenue, Niagara Falls, NY-14301, U.S.A.


(716) 285-0418 /

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Buchner Funnel

Buchner Funnel is a piece of laboratory equipment used in filtration. The main advantage in using this type of filtration is that it proceeds much more quickly than simply allowing the solvent to drain through the filter medium via the force of gravity. Buchner Funnel is used in organic chemistry labs to assist in collecting recrystallized compounds. It is often used in combination with a BUchner flask, BUchner ring and sinter seals.

Adarsh International

Adarsh House, 5368, Nicholson Road, Ambala Cantt,Ambala,Haryana, India..


+91 171 4000500 / +91-171-2642675

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