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Portable Mixer with Retractable Blade

Mix and blend acids, chemicals, oils, solvents, etc. in drums. Blades collapse to vertical position when not in use which permits mixer to fit through 2” opening and allows mixing and blending with lid on-eliminates splashing and escaping fumes. Mixer is portable and comes with mounting bracket for open top drums or standard 2” IPS drum opening. 4" blades. Prop, 34" L x 0.500" dia. shaft and coupling are 316 stainless. Coupling is one-piece between motor and mixer shaft. Ball & socket type c-clamp for precise positioning of the mixer shaft and our removable 2" NPT bung adapter. For mixing up to 500 centipoise.

U.S. Plastic Corporation

1390 Neubrecht Rd. Lima, OH 45801-3196, USA.


1-800-809-4217 /

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Portable Multi Gas Analyzer

Portable Multi Gas Analyzer specially designed to analyze gases such as Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide, Ammonia, Nitric Oxide, Ethylene etc. Its automatic operation, accurate measurement and crystal clear digital display makes it users friendly. More over its acts effectively in on site instant analysis. Its portability makes it more comfortable for user and was designed in such a way it provides all immediate necessary data that is required to analyze any type of gas in no time and further its computer interface stores key data that can be analyzed in the laboratory.

Nunes Instruments

No. 789/1109, Avinashi Road, Opposite Regional Passport Office Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India..


+91-422-2200068;+91-9345645640 / +91-9944777144;+91-9345226022;+91-9363226022

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Portable NIR Analyzer

Portable NIR Analyzer is the ideal analytical solution to conduct non-invasive measurements on chemical and physical properties of powders, gels and solids. It is a solid-state NIR design with an external battery for quick and reliable analysis in the field, either by contact or non-contact. The important features are it has excellent signal/noise ratio, it has sampling speed of 16,000 wavelengths and further it provides non-invasive measurements. It is widely used for raw material ID in the pharmaceutical industry.


Venecoweg 19, Nazareth.


+32(0)9-386-34-02 /

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Portable Oxygen Analyser

Portable Oxygen Analyser are designed for accurate and reliable measurement of oxygen in Air, Nitrogen, Argon, Hydrogen, etc. These are based on state of art Galvanic Oxygen Sensors and provide fast response. The Power Source is a 9V battery. The device covers standard, high resolution, high range and atmospheric applications.

Nucon Engineers

S-18 Okhla Industrial Area Phase - II, New Delhi - 110 020.


+91-11 - 26384013/+91-11- 26383818 / +91-11 - 26383604

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Portable pH Meter

Portable pH Meter is accurate, reliable, and affordable. The standard combination electrode is ideal for general measurements, and the temperature probe has a stainless steel sheath for extra chemical resistance and long life. Calibration is done with the push of a button and the built-in microprocessor automatically recognizes the buffer being used and calibrates accordingly. The LCD display can show pH, temperature (°C) and mV.

Sargent Welch

PO Box 4130 Buffalo, NY 14217 USA.


+1-800-727-4368 / +1-800-950-1079

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Portable pH Meter BST-BT65

Portable pH Meter BST-BT65 support wide range of applications, energy saving system, independent operation comprehensive pH analysis and data collection. With professional calibration these range feature self-explanatory pH measurement, high contrast LCD display and integrated USB and RS232 interface for PC interface hence these pH measuring instruments have everything that meets customer requirements. The range is 0.00 to 14.00 pH.

Bionics Scientific Technologies (P). Ltd.

314 3rd Floor, Vardhman Capital Mall. LSC-10, Sindhora Kalan, Delhi 110 052.


+91-9971934500 / +91-9910788555 / 91-11- 23652000 / 91-11- 23657000

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Portable pH Meters

Portable pH Meters are designed to be reliable, low-cost instrument for pH, specific ion, and redox potential measurements directly at the sampling site. This instrument is capable of measuring pH values from 0 to 14 with an accuracy of 0.05 pH and 0 to 1,999 mV with an accuracy of ±1 mV. The meter features a large 6-inch analog scale for reading both normal (pH 0 to 14, ±700 mV) and 10x expanded scale reading (±70 mV and any 1.4 pH full scale). Using the expanded scale, accuracies as great as 0.01 pH can be achieved for critical applications.

OMEGA Engineering INC.

One Omega Drive P.O. Box 4047 Stamford, Connecticut.


+(800)-848-4286 / +(203)-359-1660

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Portable Raman Micro-Spectrometer

Portable Raman Micro-Spectrometer has been developed to meet the needs of Material Science, Manufacturing and Biochemistry offering a portable, high quality optical bench which can be fully customized for use with fiber-optic probes or an optional microscope with spatial resolution down to 20 µm. The optical performance is close to that of a conventional bench top Raman system and offers many of the same features like interchangeable grating monochromators for a range of spectral resolutions. The device is designed to provide laboratory quality data in a portable system.

Jasco Inc

28600 Mary's Court, Easton, MD 21601, USA.


(410) 822-1220 /

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Portable Refractometer

Portable Refractometer are widely used in the concentration control on pharmaceutical and medical liquid sample. Its important features are it can display measurement results in Refractive Index (RI), Temperature compensated RI, Brix % etc., it has features like automatic data saving and automatic data output and further it has wide measuring range Brix from 0 - 85% and refractive index from 1.3200 - 1.5000.

Agaram Industries

126/73, Nelson Road, Aminjikarai, Chennai.


+44 - 2374 1413 /

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Portable Refractometer

Portable Refractometer is used in numerous industries like sugar, ghee and oil mills pharmaceuticals and chemical laboratories, jam factories and distilleries etc. Made using high grade material and advanced technology these refractometer are widely used by the customers worldwide.

A. Kumar & Company

No. 140/142, Princess Street, Govind Building, 3rd Floor, Room No. 29, Mumbai - 400002, Maharashtra, India..


+(91)-9821244463 / +(91)-(22)-22056443

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