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Plant Utilities

Full Face Mask

Full Face Mask is widely used in fire fighting, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, shipbuilding, military, police and other industries. It is a breathing apparatus for people who works in the environments with oxygen deficiency, toxic gas, thick smokes etc. It consists of a silicone mask, with speech transmission diaphragm & an exhale valve and the mask is provided with quick snug & five adjustable head harness. It also consists of a demand valve to output the air depends on the human need.

Alliance Trade Marine

751 Hurricane Shoals Road Lawrenceville, Atlanta, Georgia..


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Soft Capsule Encapsulation Machine

Soft Capsule Encapsulation Machine's baskets semi-drying systems are being used in line with soft gelatin Capsules Encapsulation Machines to maintain the proper shape of capsules after encapsulation that avoid the joint formations of capsules, color migration and de-shape etc.

ABS Pharma Equipments

Gali No. 23B, Star Industrial Estate, Naikpada, Waliv, Vasai East,Thane-401208 Maharashtra, India..


+91-9890204833 /

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Brine Chillers

Brine Chillers are robustly fabricated using the supreme quality of raw materials so that it is easy to operate and has hassle free performance. The inherited two stage compressors with sub-cooler and related accessories allows to ease the temperatures as low as -50oC. These brine chillers are widely used in chemical process plants, anodizing / electroplating plants, laboratory applications etc. Its important features are it can easily implant, it is provided with corrosion less material and it can be easily maintained.

Maruthi Cooling Systems Private Limited

No 6, 1st Main, 2nd Cross, Near Old Check Post, Kamakshipalya, Bengaluru.


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Concentrated Nitric Acid CNA Plant

Concentrated Nitric Acid CNA Plant is used for the concentration of nitric acid. Industrially manufactured Nitric acid is obtained as a weak acid solution, at a concentration of about 65%-67% w/w (max.), which is of no use. Owing to the physical behaviour of the nrtric acid / water system, it is not possible to remove excess water from this weak acid by a fractional distillation process because this solution forms an azeotrope, a constant acid / water boiling composition at about 68% w/w. acid. To concentrate this acid further an extractive distillation process by adding concentrated sulphuric acid needs to be employed. While the water goes this sulphuric acid gets diluted, which can be again re-concentrated and reused for the concentration of dilute nitric acid again. Concentrated Nitric Acid CNA ( i.e. high-strength nitric acid at 98-99% w/w.) is an important chemical for chemical & pharmaceutical industries in general (like polymers & plastics, dyestuff, bulk drugs, explosives, fertilizers and other important organic nitro-compounds).

BVR Engineered Systems

A-4 Vishranti Park, Nr Deluxe Crossroads, Nizampura, Vadodara, Gujarat, India..


+91-265-6554050 / +91-265-2784268 / +91-9824037528 / +91-9328211833

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Jet Compressor

Jet Compressors are a type of ejector that use a jet of high-pressure gas as an operating medium to entrain a low-pressure gas, mix the two, and discharge at an intermediate pressure. Gases can be steam, air, propane, and others. Jet compressor is used when both motive and suction gases are steam. They are used when pressure suction or discharge conditions vary and it is necessary to control discharge pressure or flow. Jet Compressors have no moving parts. They can be installed in any position. Due to velocities involved, good mixing of dissimilar gases is obtained. Its applications include handle of liquefied petroleum gases and air for gas, electric, and chemical industries.

Schutte & Koerting

2510 Metropolitan Drive, Trevose, PA..


+215-639-0900 /

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Water Cooled Glycol Chillers

Water Cooled Glycol Chillers find their application in varied industry because of their working efficiency in the temperature ranging from 6C to -50C. The important features of these chillers are it is known for the compact structure, efficiency and durability. These chillers are extensively used in Chemical process plants, Anodizing & electroplating plants, Laboratory applications and Latex cooling.

Snowcool Systems India Private Limited

S2 / 122, Vedant Commercial Complex, Vartak Nagar, Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra..


+918376806241/+(91)-(22)-41237770 / +(91)-(22)-41237771

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PSA Oxygen Gas Generators

PSA Oxygen Gas Generators is based on Pressure Swing Adsorption technology. The main ingredient of Oxygen Plant is ZMS (ZEOLITE MOLECULAR SIEVE) and ZMS is having indefinite pores on the surface, which adsorb the molecules of nitrogen, moisture and unwanted gases from compressed air. Oxygen gas, which is not adsorbed into the surface of ZMS comes out from adsorbed tower and collects in the surge vessel. It consists of two-adsorber tower, which is filled with molecular sieves. The adsorber towers are interconnected with change over control valves, controlled by sequence timer with a standard time cycle. After every certain time cycle adsorbed tower, automatically swings and oxygen gas is produced continuously. The maximum oxygen purity level is 93-95%. Its application area includes Chemicals and Petrochemicals industries, Glass Industries etc.


223, Durga Tower Rdc Rajnagar, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh..


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Chemical Cooler

Chemical Cooler is widely used in Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Textile and Paper industries. Chemical Cooler is having low in maintenance and high in performance. To ensure such cooling systems are correctly maintained and operate at optimum efficiency it is essential that the correct cooling conditions are established and then maintained at all times.

Seven Star Engineers & Fabricators

Plot No. 55/1, Panvel Mumbra Road, Old Mumbai Pune Highway, Adivali Kiravali Behind Vishal Hotel, Panvel - 410209, Maharashtra, India.


+91-9987407559 / +91-9004686233 /

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Hydrogen Gas Generator CIT-GGH-300

Hydrogen Gas Generator CIT-GGH-300 are size compact, weight light, cost effective, energy-saving & environment friendly. High-purity hydrogen gas is produced by the electrolysis of water without adding any alkaline. The production rate is digitally controlled up to 300 ml/min. Each gas generator also feathers over-pressure protection for safer operation. The gas generators are ideal for material processing, heat treatment and gas chromatography analysis, etc. in research laboratory instead of using heavy and expensive hydrogen cylinders.

Col-Int Tech

PO Box 2101, Columbia, SC 29202, USA.


1-877-660-2333 /

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Ammonia Chillers

Ammonia Chillers are compact and skid mounted and are usable for a wide temperature range from medium to low temperature process cooling applications in pharmaceutical, chemical, food processing, industrial gases as well as medium temperature application like HVAC, Plastics etc. Its prominent features are it is provided with natural refrigerant NH3 with zero ODP and zero GWP, with the highest energy efficiency, it has Widest operating temperature range from (+) 30°C to (-) 40°C, and it is customized as per the extreme and sensitive environmental conditions.

Reynold India Pvt. Ltd.

Building C-38/39, Sector-2, Noida, Uttar Pradesh..


+91-120-4664000 / +91-9971396906

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