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Plant Utilities

PSA Nitrogen Gas Generators

PSA Nitrogen Gas Generators are economical, reliable, durable and user friendly. The main ingredient of Nitrogen Plant is CMS (CARBON MOLECULER SIEVE) and CMS is having indefinite pores on the surface, which adsorb the molecules of oxygen, moisture and unwanted gases from compressed air. Nitrogen gas, which is not adsorbed into the surface of CMS comes out from adsorbed tower and collects in the surge vessel. The main advantages of Nitrogen plant are it is fully automatic and hence no special operator is required, it consists of self contained unit and is ready to install and further its capacity is 1Nm3/Hr to 1000 Nm3/Hr. Its application areas includes Chemical Industries, Pharmaceutical Industries etc.


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Screw Water Chiller

Screw water chiller with medium temperature can produce water from -5 to 45 centigrade. It adopts imported semi-closed double screw compressor with economic unit. Medium temperature screw water chiller can also produce low temperature ethanediol solution from -5 to 45 centigrade or saline solution. It can work as the industrial cold source of chemical industry, medicine and pharmaceutical industry. The important features are the chiller is more energy saving and durable, it has a long maintenance cycle and further It can function without failures for more than 40000 hours.

Tongsheng Machinery Co. Ltd.

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Gas Mask Respirator

Gas Mask Respirator are worn over the face to protect the wearer from inhaling "airborne pollutants" and toxic gases. This forms a sealed cover over the nose and mouth and may also cover the eyes and other vulnerable soft tissues of the face. The important features are the face mask is of universal type and is made up with soft moulded rubber, the mask has been provided with speech transmission mechanism for communication and further the canister is made of sheet metal containing appropriate chemical fills for the protection against specified gases. It is widely used in various industries like Chemical, Petro-Chemical, Sugar Mills, Pharmaceuticals etc.

Voltech, India

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Air Fluid Coolers

Air Fluid Coolers are a completely sealed, closed-loop cooler designed to save money on energy costs. As the main cooling section in any closed loop system, the air fluid cooler ensures continuous cooling at the lowest utility cost. Industrial equipment that requires liquid cooling such as air compressors, hydraulic presses, welding machines and furnaces are easily cooled and at the same time kept clean of costly sludge buildup and other typical open system contaminants.

General Air Products

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N2 & H2 Gas Generator

N2 & H2 Gas Generators eliminate the need for costly, inconvenient high pressure cylinders in the laboratory. Including integral oil-free air compressors as standard, the generators deliver a continuous stream of 99.999% plus pure nitrogen gas with a minimal residual Oxygen content without the need for secondary purification.

Chromline Equipment (I) Pvt.Ltd

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Personal Airline System

Personal Airline System (PAS) is a Supplied Airline Respirator with a 5 or 10 minute self-contained air cylinder for emergency use. It may be used in the supplied air mode up to 300 feet or 12 hose length sections from the air source whichever is greater. The very latest harness design and materials, accompanied by lightweight cylinders, make wearing the ergonomically designed PAS stable and comfortable. The versatility allows it to be used effectively in applications and environments ranging from chemical spills and decontamination operations to routine maintenance tasks.

Keison Products

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Nitrogen Gas Generator Equipment is an inert gas atmosphere generator & incorporates two sets of columns filled with carbon molecular sieves. Under pressure these columns retain all active molecules compounds present in air like oxygen, carbon dioxide and water with the exception of the inert gases like nitrogen & argon. The nitrogen gas can be produced onsite for direct use or can be stored in nitrogen storage tanks bottles or cylinders for intermittent use. It is widely used in chemical industries for applications such as reservoir blanketing,solvent blanketing, fuel storage, polymer production and solvent paint production.

Mellcon Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

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Water Cooler

Water Cooler is highly effective in keeping water cool for a long period of time. Water Cooler is widely used in Chemical factories, Marine engine, Generator set owing to its exceptional functional features. A water cooler or is a device that cools and dispenses water. The main mechanism for water cooling is convective heat transfer. Water Cooler available in various designs and sizes to meet the demands of the customers.

Seven Star Engineers & Fabricators

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Horizontal Open Bobbin Heaters

Horizontal Open Bobbin Heaters when inserted into a thermo well, offer a large heated area to the liquid or semi-solid to be heated. Material such as oil, wax, fats and bitumen require low heater surface temperature to prevent product degradation. For these applications the Ceramic Bobbin heater is ideal. A Feature of this type of heater is that it may be removed for repair or replacement without draining the contents of the vessel. In this kind of heaters the elements / insulators are made from typical properties of ceramics such as cordierite, steatite and etc. These have excellent physical, thermal & electrical properties. Horizontal Open Bobbin Heaters are ideal for heating water, oil as well as alkaline solutions and are widely used in chemical tanks.

Tristar Engineering & Chemical Co.

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Electric (Trim) Heaters

Electric (Trim) Heater equipment safeguard liquid carry over in the downstream of vaporizer. The device is mainly used for Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon and CO2. The important features are it consists of 22, 45 and 67 kw, it has digital temperature control, it has automatic solenoid shut-off to control minimum temperature outlet, it has removable, cartridge heater rods. Further it is provided with over-temperature safety switch.

Absolut Air Products

TK - 3, Living Style Mall, Jasola, New Delhi,Delhi,India.


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