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A poem narrated by Chemistry ....

" Dear Friends,

  Hello ,

I am Chemistry

I am really full of mystery,

I am not too stern or strict

Like Physics or Mathematics.

I am calm and easy going

I am also too scoring,

I know I am difficult to memorise

But for that all you need to do is a lot of exercise.

I come with both magic & fun

And the students love to do different reactions,

I have a family of 118 members

Who are too difficult to remember.

Bose, Bohr , Plank & Curie

Enriched my theory,

Einstein , Lavoisier & Rutherford

Made me strong & bold .

But there are many mysteries still untold

I hope one day some of you might unfold ,

Now I think I must bid all of you good-bye

But friends dont be afraid of me

As I am essential part of your life .

- From -

Your Loving Friend,

Chemistry "


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