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Free HTML5 Bootstrap Template is a comprehensive platform to support your any and every chemical business need. We have over 35000 members, from more than 180 countries, from all sectors of chemistry- areas of science, academia and industry.

Reach is an online chemical portal that consists more than 3 million pages. The portal has more than 3 lakh visitors in a month across 180 countries & 6 continents. has various segments which includes Chemicals, Business, Academics, Services and Media, the portal creates a world-wide networked, well connected –'One Universe' synergy for the chemical industry. Besides being a chemical business portal, it offers tons informative stuff on chemical industries. It covers the hottest topics in the chemical niche & gives highly beneficial information that its users stay updated with recent trends..

Displaying Ads on portal brings colossal visibility & wide range of business opportunities. It has assisted various chemical businesses & has catered ample amount of leads in a short time frame. has users from various parts of the world & following are some stats that reveal users data.

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