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375WP Portable Flue Gas Analyzer

375WP Portable Flue Gas Analyzer have been designed for accuracy, reliability, ease of use and ease of service, providing a detailed analysis of flue gas composition. The sensors respond quickly to oxygen, CO2, and CO present in the flue gas sample. In operation, a built in sample pump draws in the flue gas sample through the S.S. probe, 12 ft. (4 m) sample hose, condensate removal filter, secondary filter and flow meter and then on to the three sensors. The detected O2, CO2 and CO are displayed on digital meters which have a switchable back light for use in dark areas. A special water separating filter and separate drain pump continuously remove condensate from the sample so the analyzer can be operated for long periods unattended.

Nova Analytical Systems Inc.

1925 Pine Avenue, Niagara Falls, NY-14301, U.S.A


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