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AFC Mass Flow Controller

AFC Mass Flow Controller are designed to indicate flow rates and control set flow rates of gases.AFC mass flow controllers are designed to meter and control flow rates of gases, and are available with flow ranges from 10 sccm to 100 slpm [N2]. Gases are connected by means of 1/4”, 3/8”, or optional 1/8”compression fittings. These controllers may be used as benchtop units or mounted by means of screws in the base.AFC mass flow controllers include an electromagnetic control valve that allows the flow to be set to any desired flow rate within the range of the particular model. The valve is normally closed as a safety feature to ensure that gas flow is shut off in case of a power outage.In AFC mass flow controllers the combined gas streams flow through a proportionating electromagnetic valve with an appropriately selected orifice. The closed loop control circuit continuously monitors the mass flow output and maintains it at the set flow rate.

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