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CO2 Incubator with Hot Air Sterilization

CO2 Incubator with Hot Air Sterilization C170 is widely used in Pharmaceuticals, Research Institutes, Pharmacy Colleges etc. The features are it provides auto-sterilization with hot air at 180°C, the temperature range is : Room Temp. plus 7deg C to 50 deg C, it has relative humidity up to 95% RH, it has stainless steel inner chamber, it has CO2 sensor with Infrared technology, it has CO2 gas-mixing jet with venturi effect, it has visual & audible alarm and further it has humidification system with condensation protection.

Binder GmbH

Im Mittleren Osch 5, Tuttlingen, Germany


+49 (0) 71 32 - 325-0

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