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Cylindrical Block Type Graphite Heat Exchangers

Cylindrical Block Type Graphite Heat Exchangers are generally available in vertical design. The cylindrical blocks have a central hollow. A set of radial holes connect the periphery of the blocks to the central hollow. The blocks are encased in a cylindrical shell and provided with a number of alternately placed internal and external baffles at suitable distances. The set of vertical (axial) holes carry the process media. The external and internal baffles guide the service media in and out of the blocks through radial set of holes. They are available in different series of construction - with standard blocks of heat transfer areas: 0.5 M2, 0.75 M2, 1.0 M2 , 1.5 M2, 2.0 M2. A number of standard blocks are bolted together to give heat exchangers with wide range of heat transfer areas.

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