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EZ-CAUSTIC On-line Analyzer System

EZ-CAUSTIC On-line Analyzer System is used in the on-line monitoring of caustic scrubbers in the ethylene production. In the petrochemical industry ethylene is produced by steam cracking. Impurities in the cracking gas, such as Carbon dioxide (CO2) and Hydrogen sulfide (H2S), are washed out from the gas phase in the caustic scrubber. Sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) and sulfide (Na2S) result from the reaction with excess NaoH. The effectiveness of the scrubber liquor in removing impurities depends upon the concentration of the scrubbing chemical, which is continuously depleted during scrubber operation. Operation can only be efficient when the concentration of the scrubbing chemical is maintained. Therefore the outlet of the caustic scrubber is controlled at ± 3% NaOH overshoot, usually analyzed by off-line laboratory measurements. The system consists of appropriate wet-chemical technology for lowering effectively the scrubber set point.


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