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Full Hydraulic Compost Turner

Allance Full Hydraulic Compost Turner is ideal for farm, municipal and industrial composting. A large dimensioned and powerful hydraulically driven roller with effective conveyor and throwing tools acccelerates the turning and rotting processes. This ensures all materials are mixed before passing through the roller so nothing is missed. Also available for operations with high mixing requirements is a specially designed mixing roller . 
Together with the reversibility feature, the infinitely adjustable roller speed provides perfect tailoring to any working environment: on start-up with low speed, in the windrow with highest speed and at the windrow end with low reverse run.The hydraulic plough-shaped guide blades steer the material into the feed area, keep the lane clean and, with their sturdy design, allow driving within overlapping windrows.When windrow composting pure green waste,when mixing with bio waste and sewage sludge, and for residual and household waste,the turning of the rotting process is controlled. A turning process must improve ventilation and provide thorough mixing of the different rotting zones. 
It was according to precisely these criteria that the FULL HYDRAULIC COMPOST TURNER was developed.The interplay between the large roller with conveyor and throwing elements and  the powerful drive guarantees the perfect windrow is created behind the turner. Loosely stacked, with a triangular cross-section, the windrow helps itself to the necessary fresh air using the“chimney“effect. Decomposition is aerobic and odour emissions are inhibited. The intensive mixing balances out moisture and nutrient differences, creating the perfect living conditions for microorganisms. There are also perfect conditions

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