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Galvanizing Chemicals

Our ROTO range of products is best efficient and economical operations for Hot Dip Galvanizing. Our ROTO FLUX Series helps in controlling the formation of zinc oxides by assisting reaction of molten zinc. In a normal hot dip galvanizing process, surface contamination and scale from iron and steel can be removed by cleaning processes like degreasing, pickling and water rinsing. But minute impurities in the form of oxides, chloride, sulfates and sulfides are retained, which if not removed can get in the way of the iron-zinc reaction when the iron or steel part will be immersed in molten zinc. These can be removed by our ROTO FLUX. Further, it should also have enough chemical stability to uphold chemically active foam at the galvanizing temperature and to execute its cleaning function at a high speed. In addition, we also offer fume suppressants for hot dip galvanizing and electroplating.

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