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Gypsum Granulation Plant

Gypsum Granulation Plant is provided with capacities 75, 120, 200, 300, 400 tons per day. The Mineral Gypsum or Phospho Gypsum is Screened for lumps. The lumps are crushed fine. The powder is mixed with the binder and hardener and transferred to the granulator. In the granulation drum a very fine spray of water is done on rolling material at its angle of repose. Some coating of powder over the small nuclei / particles takes place. The size of granules are controlled as more spray, bigger granule, less spray small granule. This duration of this process is controlled as per requirement. The material is then taken to dryer drum where the hot air generated in the furnace is passed through it. The dried material is cooled in cooler drum by passing ambient air through it. The cooled material is screened through under size & over size screens. The product of 1-4 mm size is separated and packed in 50 kg bags.

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