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Hydraulic Pump

Hydraulic diaphragm metering pump is a kind of conformity with the requirements of the various processes can be carried out without level regulation, quantitative transfer of high-precision a variety of chemical media conveying equipment. Its measured accuracy can reach ± 1%. Transmission medium temperature -30 ~ 400 degree, its viscosity will be 0.2 ~ 800mm2 / S, but not contain solid particles of the medium.The diaphragm pump will use reciprocating plunger in the cylinder body exercise, so that the oil generated intracranial pulse impetus diaphragm back and forth operation.It is used for the chemical industry for the measurement of adding raw materials, raw water, wastewater treatment dosing, desulfurization wastewater dosing, food and medical services chemical media. And it is used in petroleum, chemical industry, environmental protection, medicine, food, power plants, national defense and scientific research units, etc.

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