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Johames IHF Chemical Pump

Product introduction:

1.Johames IHF single stage single suction pump PVDF lined pump centrifugal chemical pump is working for highly corrosive mediums between -85°C~120°C (-121°F~248°F), such as arbitrary concentration of vitriol, muriatic acid, hydrofluoric acid, nitric acid, aqua regia, strong base, strong oxidant, organic solvent, reducing agent, etc.

2. The casing is metal lined with PVDF. Cover, impeller and shaft sleeve is metal insert with fluorine plastic jacket, inlet & outlet is strengthened with cast steel. All wet parts of pump are made of fluorine plastic.

3. The centrifugal pump is wearing resistant, corrosion resistant, thermos table, non-aging, strong mechanical strength, running stable, advanced in structure, sealing reliable, easy to maintain and long service life.

4. The chemical pump is widely used in chemistry, pharmacy, petroleum, metallurgy, smelting, electricity, electroplating, dye, farm chemical, papermaking, food, spinning or other industries. 

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