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Lquid Ring Vacuum Pump

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump has the impeller that is arranged in the pumping chamber which is partly filled with water and is formed by the casing and the control discs. As the impeller turns, the water is flung outwards and forms a rotating water ring in the varying space between the casing and the control discs located on both the sides. The water seals off the space between the impeller vanes and the volume of the pockets thus formed increases and decreases as the impeller rotates. The water- ring sectors pulsating in the chambers between the vanes act as liquid pistons. When the water recedes, the gas is drawn through the intake parts into chambers whose volume is just then increasing. As the impeller continues to rotate, the liquid pistons are forced deeper into the chambers, compressing the gas. The water is segregated from the gas again in a separator connected on the discharge side of the pump. It finds its application in Distillation, Drying, Evaporation etc.

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