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Magnetic Level Indicator

Magnetic Level Indicator are flanged to the tank for indicating level of liquids and liquefied gases in open or closed tanks. These can be used in high temperature and pressure applications or if sight glasses and similar indicating glass parts cannot be used for safety reasons. Magnetic Level Indicator is preferred because there is a safe pressure and gas tight separation between measuring and indicating parts. It is suitable for a wide range of applications for the chemicals, pharmaceutical industries, petrochemical industries, refineries, oil and fuel tanks etc. Magnetic Level Indicator is used for high temp and pr applications or if glass parts cannot be used for safety reasons. It is available in side and top mounting versions and contains capsule Indicator in glass tube or magnetic bi-colour rollers,SS 304, SS 316, PTFE, PP, PVC & PVDF Float & Cage Material,Pr 20 Kg/cm2 for SS & 3 Kg/cm2 for PP, PVC & PVDF.

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