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Metal Elemental Analyzer

1,Product Introduction

 M5000 is a compact desktop spectrometer for metal analysis based on CCD technology. Its design combines high performance with rugged construction and operational convenience with reliable operation. The programmable digital spark source, optimi- zed optical system, auto spectrum correction, digital controlled and data capturing and durable spark stand enable you to obt- ain fast, reliable and accurate result for metal analysis. M5000 has established itself well in China market and keeps offering high performance with minimal operating costs.It covers the wavelength range 140nm^ 680nm, permitting the analysis of all elements required by the metals industry. Pre-defined cali- brations are set up in factory and can be adjusted to fit special analyzing requirements. M5000 is built under strict manufactu- ring and quality control procedures with ISO 9001.


 2, Why choose M5000


 2.1, Comprehensive analysis Techniques of full spectrum measurement

 Can measure thousands of spectral lines

 more than 10 base( Fe Al Cu Zn etc.) and about fifty elements just by one equipment .

 2.2, Accurate measurement


 2.2.1, Full spectrum measurement


 2.2.2, Dual-Optics

 Purer UV-Optics , Smaller volume ( Only 0.17L) ensure higher purity. Enhance the SNR

 Grating of higher groove, Effective to enhance the UV resolution

 Improve the measurement accuracy of the C, P, S, etc


 2.2.3, Synthesis Pulse Digital Source

 Spark waveform-Elements with high excitation potential

 Mixed waveform-Common elements&

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