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Micro Heat Dryer

Micro Heat Dryer machine is used twin pressure swing adsorption, micro-thermal regeneration process, the dry air with decompression expansion will be heated to a certain regeneration temperature when you do the regeneration operation, so that to make the regeneration gas gain a larger desorbing capability, reducing regeneration gas. The working principle of micro heat drying machine is that an adsorption tower in the adsorption drying under pressure, while the corresponding absorption tower from the main road to extract a small amount of compressed air after decompression and heating process, as its regeneration gas to micro-thermal regeneration. The desiccant after micro thermal regeneration, the residual water content has a more significant reduction, improve the processible capacity of the device. Micro Heat Dryer is having features like product gas consumption rate of about 6%, with energy saving features Long-cycle switching mode, the whole overall performance is good the key parts adopt famous brand, to ensure continuous and reliable operation device Electric heater with thermostat protection, to avoid burning heating elements.

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