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MPA Multi Purpose FT-NIR Analyzer

Choosing the best possible sampling method is crucial when solving a specific analysis task. With the MPA™ , you have a complete solution at hand for your method development. The modular and compact instrument can easily be adapted to your needs. If at a later stage new applications arise, simply have the required sampling tool added; all combinations are possible at any time. The robustness of the instrument allows it to be used in the laboratory and factory floor. The MPA™ can be connected to your laptop via Plug & Play Ethernet and can even be placed on a utility cart to improve its mobility. The MPA offers everything you need for the analysis of liquids, solids, powders and tablets. Powerful accessories like the automated 30-position sample wheel, which can be used for vials and tablets of all shapes and sizes, the sample rotator for the integrating sphere or up to two different fiber probes help you to achieve high sample throughput with excellent precision. Transmission geometry for near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy is ideal for pharmaceutical tablets as it samples a volume whereas reflectance NIR samples the surface of solids. MPA's transmission head can be combined with autosampling unit and optional tablet holders. Selection of the different measurement accessories of the MPA™ is completely software controlled, without the need for any manual adaptation.

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